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Unclassified Derrick Hoh

Coming Of Age : Derrick Hoh 

Most of you should know our favourite prince of Mandopop Derrick Hoh and how he has helped shape the local scene with his infectious songs with hits like Forever amongst others. 

It has been awhile since we caught up with him properly since we first met back in 2008, and well, here we go.

Flesh Imp // FI

Derrick Hoh // DH


Wesley Chan - One Part of the @wongfupro

 The Wesley Chan

We practically saw these talented guys built their film making empire from ground zero and looking at how they created the ultimate Youtube dream come true, we can't help but always look at the @wongfupro as the pioneers of opening doors for content creators of today.

This week, we managed to catch hold of @thewesleychan and asked a few questions that you might want to know about.

Flesh Imp // FI

Wesley Chan // WC

Dan Matthews aka @danakadan


An alternative rapper, Korean adoptee, super talented. What else can he do?

Taking time off his super busy schedule when he was here for Music Matters couple weeks back, we had exactly 2hours to interview and shoot him. And boy, it was an experience working with probably the best guys in the business.

Flesh Imp // FI

Danakadan // Dan

Distressed White Tee


FI : We all know what you do and seen you...

Our Favourite Wunderboy - Benjamin Kheng

From the big screens to your mobile devices, right down to magazines, advertisements and movie posters, this guy @benjaminkheng is everywhere.

I managed to catch this talented wunderboy during one of our much enjoyed Muay Thai classes at Evolve MMA one Monday morning and had an interesting chat with this good looking, down to earth boy that we call Benjamin Kheng.

Flesh Imp / FI

Benjamin Kheng / BK


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The Zadon

The Zadon : More than just a beatboxer


Band Black Hoodie and Damon Biker Jeans



You have always seen him around, and besides from being all suave and cool, The Zadon does more than just looking good, we sat down with our pal from Singapore's hottest rap group Grizzle Grind Crew for some insights

Flesh Imp /  FI

The Zadon / TZ