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Jonathan Chua - UN:CUT May 23 2018, 0 Comments

The Sam Willows is considered Singapore's top band.

With 4 good looking and wildly talented members that make up this wildly popular quartet, you can never get enough of them.

While you might hear considerably more from siblings Ben and Narelle Kheng, as well as Sandra, Jonathan Chua or as he likes to be called @jonchuax these days, seems to be the more chilled out, mellowed guy of the band. In today's UN:CUT, we speak to him, and find out more about who he really is.

Editor's note :

I remembered when I first saw The Sam Willows in person couple years back. It was at one of ShiGGa Shay's MV for GGC anthem. We didn't talk back then, as it was quite overwhelming, after all, it is not always you get to be in the same room with the full Grizzle Grind Crew combined with some of the ABTM boys, as well as several other talented personalities.

It was only much later, after a very successful IGN!TE concert at Republic Polytechnic that I got to speak with Jon. Like many others, while the focus is on the other band members during the initial growth of TSW, Jonathan is always seen as the silent member, and he knows that, too.

After all, who doesn't swoon over the handsome Ben Kheng. However, after having in contact with Jonathan couple months later, the phrase 'still water runs deep' comes to mind. 

I remember it was for their first concert at the Hard Rock Coliseum and we were talking about the merchandise and the plans for it. That was when I saw the business part of Jon. Not many people know about the events company that he just sold back in 2015, and his plans for Zendyll already started back then.

His vision to create a platform for artistes not just for their musical talents, but to showcase and develop their multi faceted facade that they possess, but not shown to the public.

During our discussion, I can see the fervour and the genuine interest to help fellow artistes. Building a platform like Zendyll goes beyond just music, because I can see where Jon is coming from ; music is now so freely available and musicians have to work on other forms of revenue. Through merchandise and branded content and products is the next way to go. 

In his own words, "Never mind if lose money, just make sure we get this right, then we talk about business"

I am sure it will not be a money losing business, Jon, looking at the Audi that you have earned for yourself.

Go get em!

Follow Jon here




(YING) - Street Feature May 16 2018, 0 Comments


This week, on Street Fea:ture, we speak to Jie Ying, a Singaporean social media influencer that started when she was just 13!

Flesh Imp : FI
DJ Ying: DJ


FI : Hi Ying, what's up? 

DJ : Hey Flesh Imp! My name’s Dee Jie Ying, my friends address me as Jie Ying or DJ. I’m 19 this year, currently working as a social media influencer & on my upcoming label ‘PUKKA’. Seemingly extroverted but truly an introvert, I may appear to be a social butterfly but I keep close only a few. Because of the things I've seen and the things I've learnt, I don't care much for opening up to others, or for letting others in. I'm hella strong, easy going af, & I don't waste my time trying to please others.

FI : It's not the first time you've done a shoot with us, looks like it won't be the last. How's the vibe so far?
DJ : Loved the team, loved the shots, loved the entire process even from just picking out the clothes to getting the shots done. And all in such a short time!

FI : We know that you How did you start becoming an influencer?
DJ : I was 13 when I started getting the internet’s (facebook) attention. The term ‘influencer’ did not exist back then. I used mostly Twitter & Askfm with the intent to help & answer people online. I did my first collaboration photoshoot when I was 15. I saw my followers gradually increase in the year that I turned 17 which was when my ex-boyfriend started to help me monetise my social media.


FI : Are you a DJ? 
DJ : I honestly have no idea haha I don't DJ LMAO. I just realized that people started 'knowing' me when people started referring to me as "DJYing" or “Deejieying” instead of "Jie Ying".

FI : Being a full time influencer is not as easy as it seems, so what's next for you to keep yourself relevant?
DJ : Truth be told, I've never really paid much attention to the absolute numbers. That has never been my focus. I just want to continue doing what I like and if people follow me then great, but I won't change my content to attract followers if it means compromising what I truly enjoy doing!


To stay connected with Ying, click here.

DJ GHETTO - UN:CUT May 08 2018, 0 Comments


You have seen him in Singapore's best super club, and you must have definitely heard his groove-inducing late night sets on 98.7FM. To many, he is known as DJ Ghetto, and those who knows him personally, calls him as Ah Heng. In today's UN:CUT, we speak to this DJ, that is probably one of the most fashionable one on our island.












Editor's note : 

I have known Heng since the early 2000's, and over the past few years, I have seen how his hard work paid off to get to where he is now.

I know that he has turned down many past interviews with other media, and the only reason is really because he is camera shy, and prefer to let his music and style do the talking. Which is why I really appreciate him taking time to do this because, I feel that his story is truly inspiring, and  I vaguely remember him working odd jobs, it was only through this interview that I knew one of the jobs he was doing was in a billiard mess! Those who know Ah Heng will know him to be a very real person. He doesn't talk much and does his stuff in an unassuming way. 

Perhaps it's his quiet demeanor that gives off that arrogance, or that 'minding your own business' attitude that created the sense of nonchalance that haters love to hate.

The DJ Ghetto that you see now is the result of many years of hard work. From a billiard saloon 'manager' to a resident DJ of Singapore's best super club, he more than paid his dues. 

A truly inspiring story that pretty much shows that with hard work and determination, anyone can chase their dream and make it come true. In the world of swimming, we have Joseph Schooling, in the world of DJs, we have DJ Ghetto.

Check out his sick party pics here

Steady la, Ah Heng!



Stacey (@stercei) - Street Feature May 02 2018, 0 Comments

This week, on Street Fea:ture, we speak to Stacey, an advertising student by day and make up/fashion enthusiast by night.

Flesh Imp : FI
Stacey : ST

FI : What's up Stacey? Let us know more about yourself
ST : I'm just an advertising student tryna graduate poly. I am a makeup and fashion enthusiast. A lot of my style choices center around bold pieces such as this collection. Not to suck my own tit or anything but I'm a pretty chill person and I love meeting new people. 




FI : We heard you got banned from Instagram, what was that about?
ST : They randomly said I violated Instagram terms and conditions but I didn't!!! I'm sad


FI : Just sad? Did you find out why?
ST : Tbh my reaction was just like whaaaaaaaat why but it wasn't that important to me haha, I didn't have an account for weeks until I decided to just create another one . I also emailed them to ask what terms and conditions I violated, and they asked me to confirm if I was truly the owner of the account by making me take this weird mugshot photo with a code written on a piece of paper. But all that was in vain cuz they just replied that and told me I'm banned forever without giving me an explanation




FI : What is your next move or plan with your new instagram account?
ST : I'm just gonna keep posting as per normal, it doesn't really change any of my content 



Get your daily inspo of make up and fashion with Stacey, click here.

Noah Yap - UN:CUT April 25 2018, 0 Comments

An inspiring story on its own, Noah Yap is one of the success stories of how messing around with funny videos on YouTube can turn you into a movie star. Armed with his unique brand of humour, we literally see him grow from a boy to a man. This series of UN:CUT, we speak to him and find out if the 'rumour' of him being the NG King is true. 











 Editor's note : 

When I first watched Noah's video on his very first channel on YouTube, ( Trivia : it was @waitformeleh, then it got hacked and he changed it to @waitformelah) I found him refreshingly funny. Straight off the cuff, real and honestly amateurish to a point that it was borderline cringey, it was his rubbery expressions that saved his ass, and of course really funny. 

After all it was the start of the YouTube creators and Noah had managed to gain some fans within a short span of time. Though we have always supported artistes and it was our first YouTuber that I have got in touch with. 

While he was funny and comical, Noah's had a really bad sense of dressing, which I thought would be good to have him up in a campaign and gave him unsolicited, but much needed make over. And like they say, the rest is history.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen Noah mature from a over-enthusiastic and loud mouth kid who has no qualms of complaining (whining) on Twitter, and giving a live update of rate of his dropping of followers, to a young man that have become stronger after going through a tough period in his life.

'Pulling through the lowest point of his life, you can only go up.' Noah said, when I asked him what's the plan for the future. Looks like he did.

Seemingly coming out from nowhere, this natural performer has expectations to fulfil. Will this bedroom actor make the cut? Is he just a stereotyped funnyman in movies? 4 years later, the question have been answered clearly through his work.

Noah is definitely an all round artiste with a flair for not only comedy, but also hosting and acting, I can't say much about his NG though.

Its not hard to see that his passion lies in entertaining people, you will see it when you talk to him, that twinkle in eyes, and that mischievous grin. Noah is definitely here to stay.









The Zadon UN:CUT April 10 2018, 0 Comments


This week in UN:CUT, we speak to our good friend Zadon.

Some of you might remember that we have spoken to him not long ago and this time, but this time, we get closer to him and get him to tell us once and for all. 'CAN HE FREESTYLE?'





I remember Zadon as one of the first few members of the GGC, the Grizzle Grind Crew. Brainchild of ShiGGa Shay, Singapore's top rapper, the GGC is the assembly of the best in their discipline, and a collective of musical talents that grows together.

Best known for his beat boxing prowess, The Zadon has now moved onto other things and lately, his Mandarin rap sounds pretty dope.

I have always known Zadon as the good looking beatboxer and he is good natured and funny. Easy going and laid back, Zadon turns into another person when it comes to work. I have seen him gone on days with little or no sleep, just to get the work done.

Like he said in the interview, the hustle is real. Unlike big markets where audience base is huge, and room for growth is massive, musicians in Singapore have to make do with what they have, for a market that is so small that anything that has to be done, has to be done by yourself. 

Hanging out with Zadon and listening to him work his craft is always an inspiration. Beneath his sometimes child-like demeanour and lame jokes, his songwriting skills have been hitting the right notes and the beats, on point. 

I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded with creative and talented musicians, and to see for myself how they maintain positivity and pushing the scene for local music with nothing but pure passion and love for the art is a constant reminder why we started Flesh Imp.

Zadon have been quiet for a while, and I think he is taking his time to explore his style and evolution. He has also been writing songs for several local and regional singers. He is not too bad himself, writing rhymes in Mandarin, and having heard some of his Chinese rap songs, I dare say he has got it down. I have been keeping one of his unreleased songs on constant replay and I can't wait for that to drop soon. 





Flesh Imp #bossman Nicholas Cho Surprise Birthday Party April 05 2018, 0 Comments

 Last month we had a carefully planned surprise party for our boss Nicholas.

Usually, the surprises are planned by him, and he is pretty aware if anything fishy crops up, but this time, we got him good!  

Masterminded by his missus, and collaborated with our other boss Vincent, we managed to get his guard down by having a well prepared screenshot indicating a meeting with our main OEM client from Zalora.

I mean, how often can you get your client to send 'fake news' text messages in order to trick your business partner right? 

After the first part was done, the surprise really got it as Mrs Cho rounded up his best mates to be part of his first McDonald's Party. 

We were just expecting a short thank you speech, but apparently he didn't get the memo and launched into a 10 minute marketing pitch. haha 



It was all fun and games and everyone had fun.

Shout outs to all who were present to make this memorable 40 year celebration for @mr.nicholas.cho

trivia : Nicholas' birthday is on the 23 March and Vincent's on the 23 April. So in case you are wondering why there are always 23 peppered in the collection. Now you know.




Robbi - Street Feature March 28 2018, 0 Comments

This week, on Street Fea:ture, we speak to Robbie, an Australian carpenter that obviously looks more like a model.
After staying in Philippines for 3 years, he is back home and pursuing his dreams as a photographer.

Flesh Imp : FI
Robbie Becroft : RB

FI : How's it going Rob?
RB : Great, first off, awesome photos! Appreciate it!
Hi all, I am Robbie Becroft, 28 year old carpenter who
currently builds homes in Australia.

FI : We know you like photography too, what are you into?
RB : I guess after being in front of the camera for awhile,
a change would be good. Fashion for sure, and photojournalism. I like film too.

FI : Wow, you are carpenter who is into photography. Are you a Canon or Nikon user?
RB : I have a canon 6d and Nikon D800, so both haha.

FI : How did your passion for photography begin?
RB : Through travelling and when I started my blog.
As I uploaded each new post, I got more involved in photography.
Thanks to photography, I have an appreciation towards art.

FI : What is your main goal to this creative side of you?
RB : To build and build then hopefully innovate something
entirely new.

You can check out Robbie's IG here

Puma Suede's 50th Anniversary #ForAllTime March 23 2018, 0 Comments

The squad was headed for an awesome Puma event last Thursday.

In celebration of PUMA Suede's 50th anniversary, PUMA partners with brands and icons in the music world, the streets, the fashion industry, and pop culture to introduce unique drops of the classic pair. These collaborators include FUBU, Hello Kitty, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Lau and more.

On a SEA level, PUMA partners with 39 collaborators across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore which include musicians, b-boys, illustrators, photographers, toy makers, fashion producers, DJs, tattooists and more, cementing the Suedes as a unifying force across cultures and movements.

We also met some friends at the event. 


 Happy 50th Anniversary PUMA!


L'Officiel 11th Anniversary March 23 2018, 0 Comments

The squad was out for the L'Officiel and the night was lit!

The venue was at @1levelupsg and we had Chloe, Matilda and Yanxin repping the girls and boss man Vincent and Nicholas, together with The Zadon.








Yanxin - Street Feature March 21 2018, 0 Comments

Streetwear is taking over the world, and you know it's here to stay when you see girls talking about their Supremes, Yeezys and Air Jordans over their Chanels and Louboutins.

I love it when I see girls rockin their streetwear and sneakers like they own it.

Today we caught hold of Yanxin, whom most people will call hypebae based on her style.

Flesh Imp // FI

Yanxin // YX 

FI : What is your Name & your hobby, maybe you can introduce more about yrself

YX : My name is Yan Xin. I am 21 this year, I am a part time model and a full time student studying in NAFA ( INTERIOR DESIGN). I am a very sociable and outgoing person, love experiencing different outdoor activities..and... I love to shop!!

FI : We know you have quite a collection of sneakers, what are you digging right now?

YX : Haha yes, I would like to think so. I am really into deadstock sneakers, loving that smell of fresh kicks. And yeah, digging Yeezys and pretty much all The 10 from the Nike X Off White collaboration


FI : How did you get started?

YX : I got a 'toxic' boyfriend. Haha, he is quite a sneakerhead, and once he got me started, and I never looked back. 


FI : Sweet! So what is your favorite pair right now?

YX : Right now? It has gotta be the Yeezy Boost V2 Beluga 2.0. 

FI : So I guess your dream pair of sneakers would be......

YX : Hands down the OFF WHITE x NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 Paris Edition.

 Check out Yanxin's IG here

Maxi Lim UN:CUT March 12 2018, 0 Comments


Ever since we have launched our interview series, we have gotten pretty good response. 

We decided to up the ante and go into video interviews, as well as getting closer with the questions to the people you love.

To kick this off, we start with Maxi Lim, and ask him some real questions.

Today is also his birthday, so here's wishing him a good one!


maxi and nick

snake maxi 

group maxi


Editor's note :

I knew Maxi back in 2013, just right after the first Ah Boys To Men movie was launched. I remembered it was he, Charlie and Joshua who came to the store with Noah Yap as he introduced these freshly minted movie stars to us.

Then, still chubby and baby faced, Maxi's on screen persona as Aloysius Jin totally stuck in my mind. That goes to show how good his acting skills were, to create such an impact of my impression of him. 

Many know him as the actor and Muay Thai enthusiast, but little known about him was his little venture into a clothing business probably the same time as Flesh Imp, which really got pretty serious, as he and his team managed to get seed funding from IE Singapore. Another little known fact about him was that he was already a competitive fighter before his big break as an actor, and is only seen doing Muay Thai in recent years.

We got considerably closer the past two years as he was the guy responsible for me getting into Muay Thai, and we have been training frequently together. I got to see the side of Maxi that not many others could.

Maxi is probably one of the most loyal and caring friend that one can have, a person that you can definitely rely on, in times of need. I recalled when Noah was undergoing rehabilitation, Maxi was the one that rallied everyone, including us to write letters of encouragement and he would visit and make sure that we get it done, and he would personally send them to Noah when he visited him.

He is also a dedicated professional. When I speak to him about work, his eyes light up and speak with such conviction that you can feel his fervour and the kind of expectations that he have for himself.

On his plans after Ah Boy To Men, Maxi is confident that he is versatile enough to cover all roles. I recall during the interview, I asked a question about him being stereotyped and stuck with 'Aloysius Jin' type of roles, and his reply was really something to ponder about. 

" Some actors try their best to be different in their roles, but none of them are remembered. I am happy that I can be remembered for such a role, and if I can do well in a role, I am sure I can do well in others too. "

It is awesome to see the journey of growth of a friend, actor, fellow Muay Thai mate and buddy. 

From a doe-eyed newbie, to a almost veteran of sorts, and expanding his ideas and style of acting to greater heights, there is only one thing I can tell him.



In Fuzz We Trust March 01 2018, 0 Comments



In Fuzz We Trust

More than often, it takes a big break for an artiste to blow up. We have seen singers or actors having that break, but what is it like for a comedian in Singapore? We speak to Fakkah Fuzz, Singapore's favourite stand up guy, on his way to global domination.

fakkah fuzz


Flesh Imp // FI

FF // FF 

FI : Who is Fakkah Fuzz?
FF : Someone who either entertains you or pisses you off. Either way, he’s ever so grateful that you took the time out of your busy working schedule to give him a reaction. I’m really just a simple dude who loves simple things. HipHop, Comedy and Old School rock music would probably be the only things you find on my spotify playlist. However, I have added some Daniel Caeser to my playlist cuz I realized girls don’t really like to make love to Metallica. Better late than never. 

fakkah fuzz 1

FI : Everyone started somewhere, where did you do your first act?
FF : If you’re gonna talk about the first time I ever performed on stage in front of people? That would be at primary 6 when I got caught scribbling the word “penis” on the class blackboard during recess. They came back from recess, saw it, the whole class laughed and the teacher said “If you like attention so much I should make you tell a story in front of the whole school during assembly tomorrow morning. I went on stage and told the shit out of The Emperor’s New Clothes. I had the whole school going crazy cuz I was making voices and fake fainting on stage. Principle didn’t find it amusing at all and proceeded to punish me by caning me. He did it in his office cuz he knew if he did it publicly, it would be more of a favour to me.

FI : As a malay comedian, was it easier or harder for you to do materials pertaining to race?
FF : I dont see myself as a malay comedian. I see myself as a universal comedian who is of Malay descent. I plan to make everyone laugh as as much as possible still stay true to my roots. That is why you always see me telling jokes in both Malay and English on stage. With that being said, anything that is pertaining to race or culture that is mentioned by me on stage is based on my own observations and experiences. So to answer ur question - its pretty tricky but I’ve gotten away pretty good so far.


FI : Did you ever had any joke that fell flat? What was damage control
FF : Yes. You swallow your desire to kill yourself and just move on with life. You gotta keep things moving or else that will be your last memory on stage and nobody wants that.

FI : Big ups to Almost Banned! What transpired in between?
FF : Woke up one morning and got a call from Netlflix saying they loved the online material and asked if I wanted to do a One Hour Stand Up Comedy Special with them. Like many other good business people would do I told them I would think about it while hiding my excitement and disbelief. Of course I was pretending, I would’ve said yes straight away. We sold out the capitol theatre and I did one hour of Fakkah Fuzz which you can now watch on Netflix. Still feels surreal to say because at the end of the day I still have to help my mom carry vegetables home every sunday. Things have changed but some still stay the same.

fuzz rock and roll

FI : We see you often in rock and roll inspired pieces, is that your style?
FF : I would say so yes! As I’ve mentioned before I’m a blend between hiphop and Rock. I love rocking tattered jackets and denim and piecing it with studs. I’ve grown a liking towards boots which I’d pair with denim ripped black straight cut jeans. I started rocking alot of band tees back when I would save up $15 a week to get one. Nowadays my style has grown but it still centres around blending the two elements together (rock and hiphop) and display it the best way it represents me.


FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why
FF : I’d be a belt with a complicated buckle. A girl needs to be REALLY SURE before she makes the decision to put in effort to open it up.

fuzz bw

FI : Shout outs
FF : Flesh Imp for always helping me out with style and making me look good. Mom and Dad I know you are reading this and of course for all you kids out there with dreams and are always told you will never turn into anything when you grow up because you are not smart enough, or pretty enough or good enough. Find your flame and keep it burning because only you get to decide where your life goes. And thats real.

Editor's notes :

I am a fan of stand up comedy and I have been to enough shows to know who's the real deal and who's trying too hard. When I first saw Fuzz doing his thing at a beach club / bar many years back, he was this scrawny kid, doing his thing. He was genuinely funny, raw, uncut, but definitely funny. However, I felt, it was going to be a long and winding road for him to be pursuing comedy in Singapore. 

Fast forward years later, Fuzz not only made a name for himself in comedy, but also did us proud by pulling off his own sold out show, and a Netflix special to boot. It goes to show how hard work, consistency and never giving up will get you where you are. 

We look forward to seeing Fuzz taking over the world with his unique brand of humor.


Simon L - NOX " The Volume of Life " February 26 2018, 0 Comments


NOX's Simon L

simon nox 1

This week, we look at a young club owner whom has his sights set in creating a new playground for underground music fans. At 27, Simon L owns a multi disciplinary co working space which houses creative offices, 3 clubs, lifestyle stores complete with food and beverage concepts. 

NOX, run by Simon and his team, is the where underground DJs spread their music. We speak to this boyish owner who is also a DJ about what makes him tick.

Flesh Imp // FI

Simon // S 

FI : Hey, Simon, what's good?

S : Hey man, my name is Simon and I’m currently doing all things related to music in Chengdu

nox simon chengdu

FI : You were in Singapore before, is that where you picked up DJ and music? 

S : Yes, I was studying in Singapore, and that’s also when I started to know and learn music production.

nox chengdu simon

FI : At 27, you are already doing a fantastic job running NOX, what hopes do you have for the music scene in Chengdu?

S : Simply put, I hope NOX could become the home of all underground music lovers, regardless of genres. 

nox simon chengdu Simon L

FI : What about in general? What do you hope to achieve?

S : My dream is to gather more friends who love music to create and advocate the idea of  'Peace and Love'. 

Simon L Nox

FI : What act would you want most to be performing in NOX?

S : I guess in this time and era, live shows should be the best way to engage and inspire. Only live shows can bring the experience and feeling into a even real way.

simon L Nox Chengdu DJ

FI : If you can be any piece of clothing, what would you be?

S : Anything? haha then I wish to be the Invisible Cloak from Harry Potter, because I want to focus on the bigger scheme of things and I like to draw attention away from myself.

simon L performing at NOX

FI : That is really cool, lastly, any shout outs?

S : I know that this article will be out during CNY, so here's wishing all readers a great year of dog and may everyone reap a prosperous year!

Editor's note : 

To be honest when I first spoke to Simon, I felt quite disassociated with him. I wasn't sure if it was the vibe, or he is just really introverted. However after a couple of meetings, he warmed up and we spoke at length at how to create a vibrant scene in Chengdu through NOX. At 27, Simon seems to be a level headed guy, fully focussed on his path to make history. I remembered asking him why he is still single, his reply was simple. " I just wanna focus on my career."


If you are in Chengdu next time, be sure to hit up NOX. 

I might just be there too. :)



Flesh Imp Street Fea:ture Bunny February 13 2018, 0 Comments


Besides from being the home to the pandas, Chengdu's other must-go destination is going to be Tai Koo Li. Built in an interesting way where only one or two shops are housed within a single structure, Tai Koo Li is also a great place to do some trend spotting, as well as picking up some style inspiration. 

Today on Street Fea:ture, we talk to Bunny, a Hainan native, who studies in a university in Chengdu.

Chengdu Bunny

Bunny // B

Flesh Imp // FI

FI : Hi Bunny, tell us who is 'Bunny'

B : Hi, I am Bunny and I am 18 years old. I think I am pretty normal, actually, and at 18 years old, I am pretty much like most girls this age, hoping to meet my Prince Charming. And oh, I really love to party!

bunny chengdu

FI : Ah, so we have a party girl right here. So can we say that you are pretty familiar with the party scene in Chengdu?

B : Haha, well, yeah, kinda. ( giggles) To be honest, I think I spent more time in clubs than in school, but in a good way. I mean apart from partying partying, I really like how a club operates in terms of building a brand from scratch, how they market it and operate it and create such a culture that uses music to bring everyone together. When I party in Chengdu, I look out for the vibe, in Hainan, my hometown, I enjoy partying with my friends more.

bunny CD

FI : Interesting, so what kind of music do you like?

B : I love EDM! Don't ask me why

 bunny chengdu china

FI : HAHA! Looking at what you are wearing, I can see you being really versatile, so what would we describe your fashion style?

B : I think my style is 'no style.' ( Laughs out loud) Honestly though, cos. to be frank, I try not to stick to a single 'style' because I like to dress up according to occasions and also my mood for the day. That's great cos it makes me versatile, like you said.


bunny cd china chengdu

FI : Nice, so if you are piece of apparel, what would you be?

B : Hmmm, I really don't know how to answer that. Can I be greedy to say I wanna be whichever? Is there any kind of clothing that can be transformed into anything when I put it on? I wanna be that!


FI : We aren't really sure if there is something like that, but hey, if you are good for it, let's do it! Haha. So tell us about your style inspiration.

B : I think that would have to be my mum! She is one of the most stylish person I know and she have been buying clothes for me since high school so I guess it grew on me. I am lucky I have a cool mum!




在今天的Street Fea:ture, 我们邀参加请到了Bunny,一个海南女孩,一个在成都读大学的海南女孩。



FI : 再多跟我们介绍下自己吧 Bunny

B : 我其实没什么特别的,是一个天天想要碰到白马王子的99年的一个小女生,蹦迪是我的日常。

FI : 你家乡是海南的,那你对成都是一个印象呢?这个城市是否有什么不同之处呢?

B : 因为我的活动只有蹦迪,能感受到不同的就是成都的酒吧氛围,成都的酒吧我更注重的是氛围,但在海南我更注重的是跟谁一起蹦迪,毕竟海南是我家嘛,亲朋好友肯定不少呀。

FI : 据我们了解你是一个派对狂魔,那你喜欢去哪种酒吧、找哪种音乐呢?

B : 我最喜欢的类型当然是电音,没有原因。

FI : 你的时尚风格?

B : 其实我也搞不太懂我的穿衣风格啦,好像什么风格都会融入一点。


FI : 把你自己形容成一件衣服,你会选哪个,为什么?

B :只要好看的衣服我都喜欢,所以什么类型的衣服我都想成为。

FI : 你的品味经常受谁影响?

B : 我最大的时尚灵感来自我妈咪,她是一个很时尚的女人,高中以前我的衣服都是她给我买的,庆幸我有一个潮妈

Hello, My Name is GANGSTER February 08 2018, 0 Comments

GANGSTER, a renowned bboy, 3-on-3 basketball player and also 
an influencer with 650,000 followers on Weibo. We take a peek
into his life and how he sees himself in shaping the scene of
Still on the vibrant city of Chengdu, I managed to hit up

Flesh Imp // FI
Gangster // G

FI : It's really a pleasure to meet one of Chengdu's mover and shaker,
would you tell us more about you?

G : Hi everyone, I am GANGSTER, a KOL out of Chengdu.

FI : You are a renowned street dancer as well as 3-on-3 baller, and also
a well-respected KOL in Chengdu, how was your journey so far?

G : I guess it's my commitment that makes things happen for me, well, maybe
it could also be my OCD haha. I take serious pride in my work.

FI : Speaking of which, you are very versatile in terms of style and fashion,
where do you get your influence and how do you get inspired?

G : I really like vintage and keeping to heritage is one of my biggest loves.
My wife, Kara who is also a fashion designer, helps me out on certain styling as well.
I collect a lot of traditional Japanese designs in the form of clothes and prints, because
I believe that heritage will never die, regardless if you are in the East or West.
Based on this ideology, my inspiration is usually juxtaposed against old vs new.

FI : Sounds awesome, so what are you busy with right now?

G : I just had a baby boy and I am busy with that right now. I am also busy with
a new project, which will happen second part of 2018!

FI : In Chengdu, you are definitely someone that most people look up to, and we are
looking forward to a collaboration. Anything you wanna share?

G : Sure, I am looking forward to the collaboration as well, and it will definitely
be something that stays with tradition, yet modern.

FI : Your lovely wife is a fashion designer and also very stylish, do you guys style each other?

G : Of course, in fact sometimes we end up fighting haha. But I like how we can both spur
each other on in terms of style and fashion because it reflects both our individual looks,
as well as a couple.

FI : Chengdu is a great city and you have definite impact on the youths.
Where do you see yourself doing this?

G : Honestly, I don't see myself as that big an impact, but if that happens,
I am happy because it's always a good thing to be an influence to everyone.
For me it's really simple. I just do what I like based on my beliefs and
if it works for people, that's great, but I won't do stuff that pleases others,
just for the sake of it.

FI : That's a great philosophy, so let's say you are a piece of apparel, what would you be?

G : Let's just say I am a thermal innerwear, cos while I don't look like it, according to my wife
I am a warm and sweet kinda guy.

FI : Last but not least, what's your take on Chengdu right now?

G : Chengdu? It's fuckin complicated, but that's a good thing, and I
hope that people in Chengdu keep it complicated. :)

Editor's note :
When I first saw Gangster during a Halloween event in Chengdu, we were
hanging backstage where The Higher Brothers were performing. I was
captivated by his overall style and mannerism. I told myself, this
guy is charismatic, and oozes natural cool. After a round of introduction,
I realised that Gangster, indeed, is someone that a lot of Chengdu peeps
look up to.
Admitting that his Mandarin is not that good, it feels pretty awesome to hear him
speak Sichuan. Contrary to his menacing looks, Gangster isn't all mean and fierce.
Prior to this interview, we spoke a couple of times and he shared his dreams and vision
for the future and his earnest struck me intensely and about making good for the culture
in Chengdu.
The idea of a collaboration came naturally as we exchanged thoughts and ideas and I must say,
I am totally looking forward to it!





5、在成都,您绝对是一名偶像,据我们所知,您将和Flesh Imp有个合作计划,您能告诉我们这将是个什么活动吗?






Chengdu's OG - R.Sun January 30 2018, 0 Comments


Often called the Berlin of China, Chengdu is pretty much the cultural hub of China. Music, arts, fashion, clubbing scene, everything cool and stylish, Chengdu's probably got it. But way before Chengdu's got its cool, I think it has probably got one of their OG DJ's to thank for, and today we sat down with R. Sun, one of the pioneering DJs in the vibrant state we call Chengdu.

Flesh Imp // FI


FI : Hi Sun pleased to meet you. Would you give us a short introduction about yourself to our readers in Singapore and also about the Chengdu scene

SUN : Yo Nick, Sup everyone, my name is R.Sun and I moved to Chengdu since young. I am currently working on my own agency that deals with EDM and street culture. I got to know about hip hop in 1999 and initially it was street dance and I crossed over to music. 

It was in 2005 that I fully transitioned into a turntable DJ and I have not looked back since. I am still not used to be called an OG DJ, as there are other DJs who are more 'OG' than I am, and are the real DJs that brought hiphop and street culture into Chengdu. 

In reality, Chengdu might not be the most advanced city in China, ( it's tier 2 city), but since the opening up of China, Chengdu have been the best city to develop cultural and the arts and the youths here are full of creativity and vibrant energy. 

FI : You have been to Singapore before to perform, back in 2013, what was it like?

SUN : Yes, I had been to Singapore twice and it was through the invitation of a local DJ Academy on a exchange program. I feel that Singapore is a great country and everyone here is friendly and nice. I love the vibes here and the culture here is awesome. I also love the street art here and it is really vibrant, especially the clubbing scene. It's really a developed environment here in terms of music and culture and the clubs here are really good. The only difference is that the pace of Singapore is really fast compared to Chengdu. We are just kinda chill back home.

FI : We also know about that you are a DMC Winner and it must be a proud moment for you and the pride of Chengdu, and recently you were a judge for DMC Chengdu, did you see any evolution since you were a participant?

SUN : Thanks man, DMC is considered the epitome of turntablism and winners of this competition are given the stamp of credibility. DMC have been in China for 12 years and definitely have helped shaped the local DJ scene and providing a platform for all turntable DJs from all over the world to interact and network. I was very honored to be part of the judging panel for this year's DMC judge and this allows me to see the growth and evolution from a different angle. The biggest difference I have seen is the number of people taking part as compared to 12 years back, and they are getting younger and better. That pretty much says a lot about the massive growth that turntablism is going through right now.

FI : Besides from being a DJ, we also know that you are the co-owner of a new Company you just set up. Tell us more about this company and concept.

SUN : Yes, I set up this company with the vision of imparting skills that I have acquired over the years. Helping to grow the scene further and grooming the next generation of DJs in the genre of EDM, music festivals and sound systems. We intend to manage up and coming artistes as well. Pretty much what I have been doing since Day One, and putting them all together into a better structured manner.

FI :  When can we expect it to be launched and who’s gonna be the headliner?

SUN : The Company's gonna start in 2018 but we have pretty much started up most of the operations. Currently we are just pending on some of the confirmations pertaining to the artistes and products. As for the events and who's the headliner, I have gotta keep it under wraps for now.  

FI : What are your vision for the future? Do you feel that you are creating history?

SUN : My biggest hope is to see Chinese Hip Hop go far and not be a passing trend or hype like folk music a couple years back. I wish that it will continue to grow and evolve and be a mainstay as a music choice of today's youth. I daren't say that I am making history, because there are many others like me, never giving up and making sure that the culture will grow into something tangible and strong. I believe that the strongest force that would create history would be the unity of everyone that make it happen.


FI : Any advise or shoutouts for aspiring change makers there?

SUN : I wouldn't consider myself to be totally successful, but I can definitely share something that I feel that is important to those who want to be part of culture building. You must never forget why you started, persevere and never stop improving yourself. 

The reason why I started is because I love working on culture building and enjoy the process of seeing the growth. I never forget this and that is why I am happy doing this and never will never stop doing.



Editor's note :

Sun is no stranger to the DJ scene, even around the world as this veteran turntablist is pivotal in shaping the culture in Chengdu. One thing I noticed about the people in Chengdu is that they are always passionate in pushing the scene and the envelope and putting in effort and at most times sacrificing their time to push the culture for their city. Sun has recently set up a company that helps local clubs promote street culture.

With years of experience and network backing him up, I am sure Sun will be a force to reckon with in Chengdu.

Go get 'em



FI : 您好,Sun, 很高兴和您见面。您能给我们新加坡的读者们作一个简单的自我介绍吗?您算是成都的OG DJ. 你一直都想当一位吗?你也看着成都的文化发展成长,于什么感想?

SUN : Nic你好,大家好。我是R.Sun,生活在成都,目前做一些与电子音乐和街头文化相关的工作。我是从1999年开始接触Hiphop,刚开始是街舞,后面通过街舞过度到了音乐,从2005年开始转型成为一名Turntable DJ一直到现在。OG DJ不敢当,还有比我更早开始的前辈。他们为这个文化做的贡献更为重要。其实成都在中国并不算最发达的城市,但这里自古以来都有非常适合文化发展的土壤,这里的年轻人都充满了创造精神。

FI : 您之前有在新加坡演出过吗?是怎样的形式?您觉得如何?有感觉到任何不同的地方吗?

SUN : 之前有在新加坡演出过2场,是通过新加坡本土DJ学校邀请的文化交流活动。觉得新加坡是一个高度发达的国家,人们有着很好的包容心,文化发展也很好。之前去看到很多非常棒的街头艺术,当然还有很棒的俱乐部。总之很喜欢。至于不同的地方,应该是新加坡的生活节奏比较快,而这边真的非常慢。

FI : 我们了解到,你是国际DJ锦标赛DMC中国区排名第四的优胜者,对于你和成都来说都是件值得骄傲的事情,你觉得这个比赛怎么样?最近的DMC比赛你也做了评判,你有看到什么样的进度?

SUN : 谢谢。DMC算是唱盘DJ比赛中认知度和专业度最高的比赛。中国赛区已经有12年的举办历史。为唱盘艺术在中国的发展作出了非常重要的贡献。也是中国唱盘主义DJ最好的交流平台。今年很荣幸成为DMC中国西南分赛区的裁判,让我从不同的视角看到这个文化的发展。从最早全国只有十多人参与到现在分赛区人数都超过之前,越来越多的年轻人不断参与进来,可以看出唱盘文化在中国已经开始快速发展起来。

FI : 除了DJ,我们还了解到你还是一家新公司的合伙人,可以和我们分享一下这个公司和概念吗?
SUN : 是的,这个新公司是将音乐和青年文化作为核心,包含电子音乐和DJ课程,帮音乐节和俱乐部做产品服务,艺人代理等项目。

FI : 我们什么时候可以看到这家公司的开幕,什么艺人或活动会打头阵?
SUN : 公司将在2018年正式开幕,但目前已经开始市场活动。目前主要启动的部分是艺人代理和产品服务方面。活动和艺人方面暂时卖个关子。

FI : 你对将来有什么期望和计划?你是否觉得你做的这件事是历史的转折点?

SUN : 最大的期望就是中国的Hip Hop文化不要像之前的民谣一样只是过往云烟,而是可以稳步的发展下去。不敢说自己做的事会成为历史的转折点,因为像我一样一直在坚持的人很多,我相信通过大家的努力,一定会像好的方向发展。

FI : 你有哪些宝贵的建议可以给众多想创业的文化家们说说?

SUN : 因为现在自己还不能说很成功,所以只能简单分享一下自己的心得。对于文化创业来说,我认为最重要的几点是:不忘初心、坚持、不断提高自己。我们喜欢和追求的这些文化给我们带来了快乐,所以我们要快乐的坚持下去。

'Was it worth it , Steven?' January 23 2018, 0 Comments

For most Buzzfeed fans, I am sure you will know who Steven is. Having a tremendously good response with Worth It, a food show with a twist, Steven is definitely on a roll.
We managed to steal some time with him when he dropped by Singapore.
Flesh Imp // FI
Steven Lim  // SL
FI : Hi, who is Steven Lim?
SL : Hi! I’m Steven Lim and I’m most well-known for Worth It – a digital food show on BuzzFeed I created and host. I graduated from university with a degree in Chemical Engineering but due to extreme boredom I started making videos in my spare time. Now, I’m an Executive Producer at BuzzFeed Studios! Some more things about me: The most important thing in my life is my faith in Jesus. When I need to recharge, I like going to the beach alone and journaling. I love pencils, graph paper, and rulers... I guess you can’t take the engineer out of me complete. To me a good time out doesn’t depend on what you do, but who you’re doing it with.
Steven Lim Buzzfeed 2
FI : You were doing YouTube videos before Buzzfeed, what was the first thing in your mind when you knew you were gonna join them?
SL : I was extremely hesitant to join BuzzFeed at first. I was passionate about making Asian American content and I wasn’t sure if BuzzFeed would give me the freedom to do so. But the overwhelming reason of why I decided to take the job was because of the people there. It was a breath fresh air being around other creative talent, people who inspired me and challenged me to be better. And that’s what I’d encourage anybody in a creative field to do... find people who understand your struggles and can be there in the highs and lows with you. 
Steven Lim Worth It 3
FI : // You are of Malaysia descent, and grew up in LA, if given a choice would you choose to be in Asia or in the US?
SL : I’m really glad I grew up in the States, and to be honest I don’t think I would’ve gone into digital media if I hadn’t. Growing up as a Chinese Malaysian American gave me a unique perspective that was the catalyst for me to start making videos. But of course there’s always a part of me that thinks “what if?” And hey... what if I were to move “back home” to southeast Asia and create content? Now that’s something I’d love to do one day… :)
Steven Lim Buzzfeed Worth It 5
FI : Was ‘Worth It” something that you have always wanted to do? Or was it by chance that you realized people liked the content.
SL : “Worth It” was my personal passion project, but I had a feeling it could be a hit (although not to the extent it is today). The thing that I just try to do with Worth It is be relatable and talk about food the way you would talk to your friends over dinner.
buzzfeed steven lim worth it flesh imp
FI : I love how you talked about long distance relationships and how to deal with it. (by both being busy and active) Have you considered be in a love guru?
SL : Probably not. Too much pressure! I already struggle to give people food recommendations…
Steven Lim Buzzfeed Singapore Flesh Imp
FI : We see you like dressing simple on videos, is that your true fashion style, if not, what is it?
SL : To understand my fashion sense, you have to understand my personality. I’m actually quite shy and reserved on the inside. I rarely speak up in group settings, and I typically try to blend into situations.

I love fashion because it allows me to juxtapose my personality with appearances. When I build my own outfits, I like to be a little loud (but not tacky), a little different, a little more. And that goes with my hair too!

buzzfeed singapore flesh imp steven lim 

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, and sneaker what would you be, and why?

SL : I’d be a jacket. Not only is it my favorite article of clothing, but jackets provide the finishing touches to an outfit. They help accentuate the good parts of an outfit, and cover up some of the bad.

Buzzfeed Steven Lim Flesh Imp 

FI : Last but not least, this photo/interview feature, was it worth it?

SL : Hahaha! Absolutely worth it. Love what you’re doing here and excited to see more people know about Flesh Imp!

steven lim buzzfeed sam willows benjamin kheng worth it buzzfeed flesh imp nicholas cho

Editor's note : 

To be honest, when Ryan Tan (of NOC) called and said, "Bro, Steven Lim is in town and i think he needs more summer clothes." I was like ' Steven Lim? Hell no! What?!! ". Then he said, 'No bro, not that Steven Lim, Buzzfeed Steven Lim la." 

And I was like 'Alright, phew." and I got to see the side of Steven that you probably don't see. 

I find a common similarity amongst all the YouTubers / video content creators that I have met, and they are quite introverted and their on-screen persona is always larger than life and sorta like their alter ego. Steven is also one of them. Another trait I realised that they possess is the pursuit for making good content. The primary focus is content, and not fame, likes or views. Of course, when you start to transition into a channel that views matter, I think that differentiation is really important.

While doing the shoot, Steven was really apologetic about not being 'stylish' and 'fashionable', but it is his humility that makes it so easy to style and shoot him, and present to you a different kind of Steven with this feature.

Take a look for yourself, it's definitely worth it.

take it easy


David + Andrew = The Fung Brothers January 10 2018, 0 Comments

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

The Fung Brothers have been versatile in their YouTube journey. From sneakers to food, to basketball, almost anything can be a topic in their videos. Made up of blood brothers David B Fung and Andrew J Fung, their style of getting on-ground feedback and getting suggestions from fans and friends alike have that collaborative appeal like no other. Always seem larger than life on screen, it's only when you meet them, that you feel that these guys are really friendly and just want to perfect their craft.

We managed to meet again last month and guess what, they are getting stronger and better, and definitely wiser.


David: Ortiz Bomber Jacket, Ryan Oversized Tee, Yondu Berms

Andrew: Dual Bomber Jacket, Snake Tee, Heike Jogger Pants

Flesh Imp // FI

Fungbros // FB

FI : Tell us, what's up with Fungbros?

FB : The Fung Brothers are a comedy duo from Seattle, WA, USA.  We've been making videos on YouTube for about 6.5 years and talk about a variety of topics - usually it's still always funny but really expanding into a whole bunch of lifestyle stuff as well.

Badges Tee, Heike Jogger Pants

FI : You have been moving around for the past few months/years, what were you trying to achieve during that time

FB: We've been skipping across the world for the past 2 years, NYC to Seattle to Hong Kong to LA and now back to NYC.  We've probably been to like...10 different countries in the past 2 years.  I mean, I think there was definitely some uneasiness about staying in one spot and maybe it wasn't the smartest business decision but for sure we're surely settling in NYC now.

FI : Would you say Youtube brought you guys to where you are today? Do you see yourself evolve to something else?

FB : For sure YouTube brought us to this point.  But I think the sky is the limit in the future.  We're just scratching the surface of what we can do.  

Flame Strapback

FI : From the messages you have been putting out, we see that you like the challenge social norms and thought provoking questions, we like that, but what are you looking for?

FB : I just want to spark discussions.  Obviously just asking questions can't really change the world, masses of people have to do that.  But who is even going to get the door cracked open?  Everyone plays a role in a chain of events.  I guess we're just some fire-starters haha.  And we hope to do that in an entertaining and useful way.

FI : You are pretty tight with Jeremy Lin, how did that come about? You guys knew each other before?

FB : We actually got introduced to J. Lin through AJ Raphael and I gotta give a shout out to him for that.  But we had been following his story even back in college.  Of course as fellow kids from a 'stereotypical academic Chinese family but seriously loved basketball', I felt like I was almost seeing my own story in his.  Except instead of getting cut from varsity he made it to the NBA haha.  He's injured right now but I wish him the absolute best.  It feels like that's my cousin out there.

Ring Blue Sweater

FI : You guys are known sneakerheads, Describe your fashion style.

FB : Oh man, for me (David) it's definitely more sportswear.  I like NikeLab, NSW, KITH, Adidas, BAPE, stuff that athletes can fit and wear.  Andrew's definitely skinnier so he's got a more prototypical fashion build, so he can do all the ultra-distressed Fear of God/Yeezy stuff if he wants.  But just because most skinny Asians wear Yeezy 350's, it doesn't mean he's going to fit into that.  You might see him in some Concord Jordan XI's just to let people know that we come originally from the hoops streetball culture.

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, and sneaker what would you be, and why

FB : Oh man, right now we'd be like Aime, Pigalle, KITH, something like that haha.  A sneaker would be like...The KAWS 4 in either grey or black.  Cuz we're understated but trust - we about to do something big.

FI : Any shout outs to people out there.

FB : Man, shout out to everyone who supported.  I support everyone too.  I want to see good people win.  It's tough, there's so many factors outside of our control in life.  But we just do what we can being guided by our value system.  Much love to Singapore, ya'll showed us so much love and we want to show that back!

Editor's Note:

When the Fung Bros visited couple years back, what struck me was their fervour and enthusiasm in making good videos, quality stuff that weren't stereotypical and a good representation of Asians in general. While born and raised in America, these brothers have a strong Asian pride and is always in a state of provoking thoughts about social norms. 

Always pushing the envelope and stepping out of their comfort zones, these brothers are definitely trailblazing the YouTube scene. With sights set on world domination, I am not surprised that while they progress way ahead of their time, they never forget their Asian origins and have a respectable arsenal of knowledge about their roots and the way Asian youths think and act.

And yes, the next time you see them on the streets of Singapore, don't forget to show them some love, cos they readily love you back.



Nicholas: Garter Tee, Damon Denim Jeans

By My Side With David Choi January 02 2018, 0 Comments

Prince of YouTube - David Choi

David Choi is known for his humorous song ' YouTube, A Love Song' which was aptly featured on the YouTube homepage in 2006. That literally blew up the singer / songwriter David Choi that we know of today. Millions of views on social media and a decade later, the David that we see today is a level headed artiste who understands the YouTube culture, and his way around it to help evolve and grow the next generation of YouTube artistes. 

We managed to sit him down when he was in town for some meetings and pick his brain on what's next for him.

Tab Camo Longline T-Shirt

Flesh Imp //  FI

David Choi // DC

DC : Hi, My name is David Choi and I’m a singer, songwriter, producer from Los Angeles, California.

Tails Black Longline T-Shirt

FI : You just had a tour!! Tell us how that feels.

DC : The best part of touring is you get to meet all the wonderful people who have been supporting you throughout the years.

FI : Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

DC : My goal was always to do music full time. I’ve never had any ambitions of becoming a performer - more of a writer producer. But life is strange and my path happened to lead me in the direction that it did and I’ve grown so much from it. It also made me a better writer and producer.

FI : People often feel that cover singers seldom become successful, what are your thoughts?

DC : There are plenty of cover artists that do extremely very well for themselves, especially on YouTube and Spotify. In reality, most artists signed to major labels are artists that don’t write their own music to begin with, thus, I guess technically they can be considered cover artists as well. Covers are a great way to gain new fans and get discovered nowadays.

FI : That's really true. Where do u see yourself in the next 5 years?

DC : Besides working on new music and productions, I plan on venturing into other passions of mine like the tech industry. I’ve always loved social media and connecting with others. I want to be a part of that industry and improve it for creators and consumers.

FI : Describe your fashion style

DC : I have a slight urban streetwear vibe mixed in with a bit of simplicity and comfort.

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why

DC : I’d be jogger pants because I love extreme comfort mixed in with style.

FI : Shout outs

DC : Flesh Imp, Singapore, and my beautiful friends around the world.



Editor's Note

I had the chance to meet David a couple of years back through NOC's Ryan Tan and at that time while I knew who he was, I did not know how popular this guy was in Singapore.

Fighting away from screaming fans and giggly fans, we had to adjourn to our mini office at Flesh Imp. And David said,' Hi I am David, pleased to meet you!'

To be honest, I would have expected David to be acting all diva but no. After getting the introduction done, I realised David possessed a clear and defined mindset about what he wants in life. Perhaps he was over the stage where numbers don't matter as long as he does his best, or he doesn't really gets distracted by the fame that got him to where he was.

The David that I got to know is someone that knows what he can do, and he knows exactly how to get it.

Over the past few years as I got to know David better, I got to see the tech side in him. Always trying to find ways to connect like minded artistes through the use of social apps, and connecting them regardless of race and boundaries, David is definitely someone that sees the big picture and working towards it. I am sure in time to come, David will be known not just as David Choi the singer, but David Choi the changemaker.



Foshan Dance - 叶彪 December 19 2017, 0 Comments

Foshan Dance

Music, dance and fashion have always been interlinked in street culture and dance culture in China is definitely growing right now. We sat down with one the more prominent dancers in Guangzhou, Foshan, aptly named Biao Ge and find out that it's not just Wong Fei Hong that is famous in Foshan.

Flesh Imp // FI

Biao Ge // BG

 Safety Box-Cut Tshirt and Groot Jeans

FI : Hi Biao Ge, I am curious about your real name, would you be able to share with us and what are you up to?

BG : HA, Hi everyone, my name is actually Ye Biao, and people call me Biao Ge as a form of respect, not because I am old haha!  I am a professional dancer and I am based out of Foshan, GZ.

Tails Long T-Shirt and Ranger Jacket


FI : How's the dance scene in Foshan? Why did you decide to be a dancer?

BG : The dance scene is massive here, and is growing every day. I have been seeing young dancers stepping up the game and getting better everyday. 

I remembered when I was younger, I loved watching Channel [V] and enjoyed the music videos tremendously. Other than being exposed to great music, the other thing that attracted me the most was the flashy dance sequences in the music video. I guessed if not for the dances in the MVs, I wouldn't be watching TV. ( I am really serious about dance as you can see)


FI : You are a dance instructor at a pretty young age, how does that feel?

BG : To be an instructor, it is definitely not an easy task, but for me I would say I am lucky as well. A good instructor needs to have a strong foundation, and with what I have, I believe it is sufficient to train other students. It's a totally different process to be an instructor as you need to impart your skills to students who, more than often, are learning dance for the first time, and what you teach them is of utmost importance as you are the first person that brings them the proper spirit and mindset into the world of dance.

FI : What do you hope to see for the future of dance culture in China?

BG : I think the dance culture is really strong and there are a lot of dance crew with a lot of potential and flair. The dance crew that we see now in China are probably on par with many international crew, but the reason that they aren't able to compete on the international level is due to visa problems, or financial situations where these crews aren't able to travel outside of China. My wish is to see these issues, which can be easily solved via our central government, especially on the visas and travel documentation. Funds to support these talented dancers can also come from both the government and private companies. 

With these support, I believe that the dance culture in China can reach its full potential.

FI : In recent months, the hip hop and rap wave has swept China by storm, and dance is definitely one of the elements of the street culture inspired by hip hop. We have seen Rap Of China, and if there is a similar reality TV series for dance, would you take part?

BG : Of course! In fact, there are some talks about having a program like that and I believe it will be launched next year! This will be a great platform to bring rise to the dancers who have been grinding since Day One to become recognised.


Garden Tee


FI : If you were to compare yourself to a piece of clothing, what would you be?

BG : I would want to be a versatile piece of clothing. Something that has style, yet function, simple yet stylish. I can be anything you want and something that fits your body that perfectly integrates into your lifestyle. 

I am simple, but there's more than meets the eye.

FI : Do you have any advise for aspiring dancers? 

BG : I think my advice is simple, but it is quite hard to follow, cos as a dancer myself, I know how it feels when your jam comes on and your body will start moving and groovin. haha. Sleep early, stick to your meal times regular and drink more warm water (haha) Do I sound like a real teacher now? I know it feels good to drink cold water right after a great dance workout but it's not good for health. Dance in itself is an activity that strengthens your mind and body, so if you do not take good care of your health, you might not be able to reach your full potential.

FI : What about you, who do you look up to?

BG : I really look up to 经伟老师, because besides from dancing, he asks us questions on how to evolve and perfect the art of dancing. Questions like, how to make a simple dance move into something with more flair, and how to differentiate yourself from other dancers. These thought provoking questions forces you think outside of just dancing and how to reinvent and create a style of individuality, and combine music and dance as an art form.


Editor's note: 

When I first saw Biao Ge's video back in March, I was impressed, not because of how sharp and snappy his dance moves were, but how he managed to combine East and West elements into his video. As I found out more about him, I was impressed to know that at 27, he is already an instructor and that there is a bustling dance scene not just in GZ, but also in China. Feeling sheepish at my lack of knowledge and understanding of my Chinese friends, I realised that the culture is growing at such a fast rate that we need to play catch up real soon. 

Talking to Biao also made me realise that we are much fortunate to have a good infrastructure in Singapore which allows our creative talents to reach out to other similar communities on an international level, and vice versa. 

Dance might be relatively new in China and talking to Biao, I sense his fervour and vision on how he wants to be a part of a evolution that takes existing dance culture that came from the West and weave Chinese influences into it, and bringing it to the next level. 

This, to me, is the real Dance Dance Revolution.

So you think you can dance?






FI : 您好,彪哥,其实您的真名是什么?您能给我们自我介绍一下吗?

BG : 啊哈,我姓叶,连起来念,叶彪就是我的真实名字啰~ 目前是一名职业舞者,来自广东佛山。

FI : 在佛山,目前大概有多少舞者?您是怎么爱上跳舞的?

BG : .这个不太好统计呀,但我相信,喜欢和正在跳舞的人一定远超我观察到的,毕竟嘻哈文化经过许许多多前辈的努力,已经深深地感染到现在年轻一代。
关于我为什么喜欢上跳舞我记得小的时候非常喜欢看一个电视音乐频道,叫做Channel [V](后来数字电视普及的时候就收不到了),接触了许多流行音乐的MV,除了好听的音乐,最吸引我的莫过于就是MV里酷炫的舞蹈部分啦(估计当年我不喜欢看电视的话也不会喜欢上跳舞啦,(‾-ƪ‾)我很认真的)

Zippers Jacket

FI : 您这么年轻已经是一名舞蹈老师了,您对老师这个职位是怎么理解的?

BG : 能成为老师真的是一件非常幸运的事情,说成是缘分也不为过呀。

FI : 您希望中国将来的舞蹈团体能有怎样发展?

BG : 现在国内团队的发展势头都很强,许多强队在国际比赛上还有不错的成绩,但其实还有很多同样强的舞者或者团队因为签证或者经济上等原因无法在世界舞台上展现自己的实力,所以希望国内的团队都可以兵强马壮,也让外面的世界看看神秘的东方力量~

FI : 在目前来说,中国有嘻哈已经刮起了一股说唱和嘻哈风,在舞蹈来说,有没有相类似的节目?有的话,你会去参加吗?

BG : 回答是肯定的!目前国内已经有几档街舞类的节目正在筹备或录制阶段,参加是必须的!


FI : 如果拿件衣服来形容自己,会是那一件?为什么?

BG : 和这件衣服的设计不是有异曲同工之妙吗?


FI : 您有哪些宝贵的建议可以给众多有抱负的舞者们说说?

BG : 建议是早点睡,别熬夜,按时吃饭,多喝热水(滑稽)~ 虽然好像很没营养,但这是真理啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!许多舞者都不是那么早睡,可能练习到很晚,可能本来要睡,然后听音乐看视频又high得毫无睡意。赶课赶工作不能准时吃饭,跳的一身大汗灌冰冻的水~

FI : 您最尊敬谁?

BG : 引用自我最尊敬的经伟老师——


A Finger - POP December 13 2017, 0 Comments

A Finger POP

The 'Chillest' contestant in Rap Of China 

Taking China by storm just this past summer, The hip hop reality show Rap Of China has given rise to hundreds of underground rappers and hip hop acts an immediate boost into stardom. We talk to one of our homies in China POP, who happened to be one of the first round selected participants and also find out more about the scene in Guangzhou.


Flesh Imp // FI

Pop // POP

FI : Hi Pop, pleased to meet you. Would you give us a short introduction about yourself to our readers in Singapore? Have you always wanted to be a rapper?

POP : Yo, what's up everyone in Singapore, I am Pop,  member of A Finger rap group. I grew up in Chao Shan, a province in Guangdong and have been using the dialect similar to Teochew to rap. I am not considered well known, as yet, but I am really happy to be able to pursue my dream of doing what I like, which is to rap. 

When I was younger, my mother wanted me to be a musician and I took up many forms of instrument, including harmonica, violin and even erhu; but I did not complete the learning them because it's simply not my vibe. In my teens, I was also part of a metal group but being young and rebellious, it was disbanded soon after.

It was only when I was 14, that I got to know about rap music. As you know China was just slowly opening up and rap music to me was really fresh and real. It was then I knew I wanted to be a rapper. I mean on top of being really cool and the chicks dig it, it has evolved from all that superficial stuff to really about making music and repping Chaosan as well as speaking out stuff that most people dare not talk about


FI : Awesome! You have been to Singapore before to perform, what was it like and how did you like it?

POP : It was just last year in 2016 that me and my group got invited by the Teochew Clan Association to be part of the Teochew Day Celebration. It was my first overseas gig and also a first for the association to have a rap performance. 

Y'know, instead of young kids, the audience we performed to had the average age of 60 years old, we were kinda afraid they will be bored, but you know what, after our set ended, the applause was thunderous, and many of the audience brought their grandkids for phototaking with us.

There was this old lady in a wheel chair, she held onto my hand so tightly and her voice trembled with emotion as she told me how much she enjoyed our songs and didn't expect that Teochew could be so hip. She also told me she missed speaking in Teochew and none of her grandkids or even her own kids can speak Teochew any more, as she cried when she lamented how lonely she was, I started crying too. I will never forget this.

I would say it was a great show in Singapore, and we got covered in the main press, Lian He Zao Bao, Wan Bao and several others. We had dozens of Singapore food and man, I simply fell in love with Laksa! I caught up with some relatives and friends while I am here so I am really looking forward to come back here again.

During the 7 days when I was here, I felt really blessed and fortunate and before we left we also had the chance to collaborate on a single called <<LIONCITY>>with a local rapper Miiko (Thirt13n Team).


FI : We also know about your recent participation in Rap of China and it must be a proud moment for you and the Chao Shan community, how did it feel? / We also noted that you were really cool and meditated while everyone was all hyped up. What’s that about? What did the other rappers feel about that?

POP : I think a lot of people should know that Rap of China is a reality TV Show, and not a true blue freestyle competition. But you know what, this show has successfully made hiphop known to the whole of China. From a niche underground music genre, to become a mainstream choice. It also allowed struggling rappers to rise above and became overnight sensations. That, in itself, is simply fuckin awesome.

Haha, I think most people remember me for being that guy that sat while the rest stood right? To be honest, I am quite a chill, laidback kinda guy, so instead of standing, I just did what I usually did, sit down and chill, regulate my breathing and not let the adrenaline and fatigue get to me. The other rappers started asking if I was into zen and meditation and the sorts, my reply to them? ' I am just nervous'



FI : Besides from rapping, we also know that you are the co owner of Fusion Idea. Tell us more about this brand and concept

POP : We founded Fusion Idea with my wife Bo. I feel that when two people are in marriage, they can do so many other things than the usual stuff that married couples do, and I think instead of having kids our way of showing love is through taking care of homeless animals and giving them shelter. We also use Fusion Idea to differentiate from so many other brands out there that have no soul. We also use it as a platform as an integration to show that we are just actually in a seamless world, where everything transcend each other and there is no absolute right or absolute wrong, where there are no boundaries and we are brought back to a world where everything is just peace and love. One thing about Fusion Idea and our music is that we keep everything on the down low, and not mass produce because we believe that a song's impact is the hardest the first time, and the you just need  a piece of our apparel to send the message we want.

FI : This idealogy is really eye opening. So when can we expect the next launch? Are we going to see any collaboration soon? 

POP : For sure, as mentioned above, I love Singapore and it left me many interesting memories and it holds a special feeling for me, and of course the Flesh Imp boys are my homies so I really can't wait to head over to Singapore real soon.


FI : What are your plans for the future? Are we looking at more shows, singles, and concert?

POP : For me it's simple, whatever work that I have done, it's all based on my life and my community. A Finger have always been based in Chaoshan, so most of my work have been about the lifestyle here. Using Chaoshan or Teochew in my songs have been something normal and since moving to Guangzhou, I have also been using Cantonese, English and Chinese to write and this is basically how rap music is versatile. It represents the life of a rapper and his music

This July, we released our first Chinese single <<11:11>>, and we are preparing our next album << Light >> as well as other TV productions, shows and movies.

Cos I am a rapper. 


FI : Any advise or shoutouts for aspiring rappers out there?

POP: As I am a not a really famous rapper yet, I can't really give advise to others, but all I can say is, as long as you take hip hop as part of your lifestyle and eat sleep and breathe the hiphop culture, you will go far because that's what hip hop is all about.

It's not just something that is cool and trendy so that you can live in the hype. That's not how it works. 

Being a rapper is like a warrior, and able to speak your mind, using rhymes and music. Else, you are just a poseur that is being controlled by the corporate and media.




Editor's Note:

China has always been a place full of culture and history for many of us and it is a place that we always wanted to explore, yet there is always an air of uncertainty and apprehension, especially due to negative media coverage or just perceptions from skewed WhatsApp viral videos in group chats.

However, we have music to aid us on crossing borders and transcending boundaries, and rap music always delivers, no matter where you are. Had to chance to meet Pop through Bo, whom they are happily married, and got to find out more about this interesting rapper that actually sat on the floor during auditions in China's biggest hip hop show The Rap Of China. 

Speaking to Pop was an interesting person to speak to simply because of how he looks. beneath his rough gangsta/rasta rapper exterior, lies a kind hearted animal and peace lover, where his ideal world lies in the realm of his band, clothing label and his music, where everything is pretty chill and equal. Humble, yet proud, stylish yet simple, vocal yet soft, Pop is the true embodiment of the Chaoshan rapper.

We look forward to seeing him in Singapore and repping the Chaoshan rap really soon.





FI : 您好,Pop, 很高兴和您见面。您能给我们新加坡的读者们作一个简单的自我介绍吗?您是一直都想当一位说唱者吗?

POP : YO 新加坡的朋友们, 你们好 我是POP 一指团体的成员. 因为我是潮汕人, 我在澄海长大, 所以做了十几年潮汕方言说唱. 虽然不怎么红, 但过得很快乐. 小的时候妈妈希望我将来是个音乐家 小的时候学习了很多乐器, 手风琴, 小提琴, 二胡....但是由于自己不喜欢, 所以都半途而废.

青春期的时候, 组过重金属乐队. 但由于年少轻狂, 并没有对音乐负责, 所以也没有坚持.

14岁那年, HIPHOP文化透过街舞流入中国大陆. 第一次被这样自由, 真实的音乐吸引. 好像找到了真正的归属. 一直到现在, 做说唱的目的从以前为了帅, 为了把妹, 到现在变为了想让更多人了解潮汕, 为了说出别人不敢说出的话.

FI :您之前有在新加坡演出过吗?是怎样的形式?您觉得如何?

POP: 2016年, 我与我的团队很荣幸受新加坡潮商会的邀请, 参加了2016年的潮州节. 那是我第一次出国演出, 也是新加坡潮州节第一次有说唱的演出.

你知道吗, 台下的观众平均年龄是60岁以上的长辈们, 但是当我们演出完毕后, 整个会场回荡着掌声, 很多长辈带着他们的孙子来找我们合影.

有一位坐着轮椅的老奶奶, 紧紧地握着我的手, 告诉我她很激动. 她很喜欢我们的歌, 她没想到潮州话还可以唱的那么前卫, 她好久没人和她说家乡话了, 她的子女子孙都已经不会说潮州话了. 她很孤独, 她很想家, 她哭了, 我也哭了.这一幕 我永远记得.

我们还登上了很多新加坡华人媒体, 联合早报, 联合晚报, 还有很多我都忘记了. 我们吃了很多很多新加坡美食. 我对呖沙念念不忘. 我见到多年没见的新加坡亲戚, 和在新加坡留学工作的老同学.

在新加坡的那7天, 我很幸福, 很难忘, 很感触. 我们和新加坡的说唱歌手 Miiko(Thirt13n team) 合作了一首单曲《LION CITY》

FI : 我们了解到,你有参加2017年的中国有嘻哈节目,对于你和潮汕团体来说都是件值得骄傲的事情,你觉得这个比赛怎么样?我们有注意到,当大家都很兴奋的时候,你依然很酷和在冥想,你当时是怎么想的?其他的rapper们有什么想法?

POP :《中国有嘻哈》是一档真人秀节目, 不是一场说唱比赛. 但因为这个节目 让中国的HIPHOP真正意义上的从地下浮出水面, 从小众文化变成让大家疯狂的主流音乐, 让那些穷到没饭吃的地下rapper变成了主流明星, 我觉得是特别牛逼的事情, 也是特别开心的事情.

我是个很懒的人, 我不喜欢站. 我习惯席地而坐, 所以在海选的时候, 我就习惯的坐在地上.

因为紧张, 所以我闭目养神, 调整呼吸, 才能达到好的状态. 不过很多选手都问我, 你是不是修道的 .你是不是会禅定, 你是不是学佛. 我都笑着和他们说, 我是紧张.

FI : 除了说唱,我们还了解到你还是Fusion Idea的合伙人,可以和我们分享一下这个品牌和概念吗?

POP :【合】FUSION IDEA 是我和我太太创立的. 因为我觉得夫妻的结合除了生小孩, 还能做很多很多有意义. 有意思的事, 比如我们会一起救助动物. 比如我们想在这个浮躁的服装行业做些特别的事. 【合】是融合 是万物归一 万物归一就是众生平等, 就是没有界限, 没有好坏错对黑白之分 就是和平与爱. 我们不会为了潮流, 为了季节去生产一大堆爆款, 因为做服装和做音乐是一样的, 一首歌传达一次感悟, 一件衣服传播一个道理.

FI : 我们什么时候可以听到你新的歌曲

POP : RAPPER出新单曲的速度都是很快的, 平均每个月都会有一首新作品. 在中国大陆的朋友在网易云, QQ音乐, 微信公众号, 微博 ,搜索一指团体, 就能听到我们的作品和动态.

在国外的朋友 youtube搜索一指团体/AFINGER, 也可以听到我和我团体的作品.


FI :我们是不是很快可以合作了?

POP : 这是必须的, 上面我有提到. 我对新加坡有特别的情感, 加上Flesh Imp的两位主理人是我的好朋友, 特别期待我们有深度的合作.


FI :你接下来的工作会有哪些计划?我们是否会看到更多的节目、单曲或者演唱会?

POP : 过什么样的生活就写什么样的歌. 我们团体之前一直在潮汕地区做音乐, 所以我们的作品都是围绕着潮汕地区发生的故事.

所以我们会有潮语方言去演绎, 近几年我们搬到了广州, 我们的生活也发生了变化, 我们也写了很多在广州所看到, 接触到的事, 所以我们也开始用粤语, 英文, 国语去创作.

今年7月我们发行了我们第一张国语专辑《11:11》, 现在在准备明年发行的国语专辑《光》, 参与电视节目, 演出, 拍戏.

这些通告我们就是一直在做的, 赚钱嘛. 哈哈! 但最重要的计划, 还是专辑.


FI :你有哪些宝贵的建议可以给众多有抱负的说唱歌手们说说?

POP : 因为我目前并不算是一位很成功的说唱歌手, 所以我并不能给到什么好的建议给其他rapper, 但我觉得, 把HipHop当做是一种生活的态度, 可以走得很久.

把HIPHOP当做是一种潮流文化, 那就只是泡沫

Rapper是敢说敢做的勇士, 不是被商业操纵的傀儡.


Canton's Finest - 林叁BO December 01 2017, 0 Comments

This month of December, we take a look into the generation of movers and shakers that have contributed much to the rise of Chinese street culture and delve deeper into this fast growing culture.

This week, we start off with the Chao Shan Fashion Queen -

潮汕时·善女王 - 林叁Bo

Flesh Imp // FI

林叁Bo // BO

FI : Hi Bo, finally get to meet you! Tell us more about yourself 

您好, Bo。我们终于碰面了。您能给我们介绍一下您自己吗?

Bo : Hello, I'm very happy that we finally met, I am Lin San Bo, and my real name Lin Jia Ni, I have quite a few things on my plate actually, but if you ask me, I am a fashion model, and the co-owner / stylist for my own label FUSION IDEA. I am also the fashion designer for one of the local production houses here.

I have also been giving shelter to homeless and sick dogs and cats, and because of that, they gave me a nickname called 潮汕时·善女王 Chaosan Fashion Queen (wordplay on fashion and kindness)

Hello,终于碰面,非常开心,我是林叁Bo,本名:林佳妮,我的身份比较多重,是一名模特,也是-合-FUSION IDEA主理人兼造型搭配师 ,华漫英雄服装部设计师,因为长期处于潮流和救助动物之中,他们都说我是潮汕时·善女王

FI : We have always seen you on fashion shoots and especially on WeChat moments, possibly all over the world, how does that feel, to be able to influence and be a role model to other youths?


BO : Thank you for your compliment, I feel very honoured. In fact, I didn't think too much, all I wanted was to something do my own, and to do it well. I have always believed that people need not do anything for the sake of others. In the eyes of God, to be true to yourself is the most transparent and important virtue. 

I am happy to know that I have a positive impact and role model to youths, but like I said, I am just doing what is good and real, and if that goodness and wholesomeness is able to impact others, I am more than happy to share.



FI : Have you always wanted to be a model? How did that happen?


BO : Haha, when I was young, I wanted to be an actress actually, I wore my mommy's clothes and gathered the children to play their own roles while I directed. When I was in junior high school, I was one of the tallest in my cohort. My grandmother told me that since I was so tall , I could to be a model when I grow up , but unfortunately, I stopped growing after that. Haha

Thereafter, I took up design, and started dancing at the age of 14. After graduating, I also managed a clothing line, got into manicure and lastly became a professional Dancer. However, it was only when I gave up my dancing passion of 13 years to rescue animals that I got into modelling.


FI : Besides from just looking good, we know that you are actually doing good. Chilling at your house the other day, I realized that you are also providing shelter to homeless and injured animals. That is really admirable. What made you do that?


Bo : You are too kind with your words, to be honest, I am still working on it. I wouldn't say that it is an idea, I think it is more a mission for us to rescue these animals. Everyone is born in the world are destined to bear their responsibility, and I am no exception. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old, grew up a latch key kid. When I was 4, the puppy my mother gave me became my playmate. Growing up loving animals, I then began to understand that they are not just animals. They can fill the emptiness of humans and sometimes, better listeners than humans. Thus, giving these homeless cats and dogs shelter was a norm for me. It became second nature, and later on, the love for these animals made me insist on being vegetarian and that slowly enlarged the scope to help the elderly, orphans, poor families, sick and homeless animals, and later even saving birds, chickens, turtles, etc. For me, it became part of my life.


FI : We also know that you and your cool husband Pop, owns the clothing label Fusion Idea. We heard about some of the concept from Pop, what is your idea behind it?

我们知道您和您很酷的老公Pop一起创立了一个服装品牌 Fusion Idea。我们有听过Pop的一些概念,您对这个品牌是有哪些想法的?

BO : From the establishment of this brand to the later stages of development, we have come up with this list because our label is definitely unique!

Brand concept: [integrate] means fusion

God created an integrated world 

There is no right or wrong in the world of nature

No good or evil, no beauty or ugliness

There is no fashion and old fashioned

No original and copy

No business and art

Only humans can create a society

Only produce so many rules and regulations

Only country and language

Only have money and rights

Only lies and struggle

Disaster and suffering

Persistence is the cause of pain

Put down the dedication in my heart

To confront the face of all things

Everything is integrated

This world is paradise - the kingdom of love

For this brand, our motto is more than selling clothes. Clothes is a necessity, from civilisation where a single leaf to the current fashion apparel, clothing is already a basic requirement, and people's first impression of a person is how they dress.

It is not easy but also meaningful for us to express what we want to say, want to convey, what we want to do and what we want to do with clothes.























FI : What’s next for you? You guys seem to have everything


BO : I seem to have everything because I am self-sufficient, but I am not complacent, so there are so many plans for the future. Currently, there are more opportunities for collaborations be it locally and internationally. Next year we will set up a brand studio, my clothing and our brand will be stocked in some trendy brand stores and we will gradually see our brand ideals in other countries.


FI : Also, we heard you are pretty good at longboard. Show us some tricks!


BO : I'm not that good at skateboarding cos I just started, but I like new things and sports, I don't want to lose out on keeping fit, so I do skateboarding and surfing.



FI : What apparel would most describe you?


BO : I think the best piece of apparel that describes me most is of course from my own label. From my ' Between Heaven and Hell' Collection that was showcased during last year's Shen Zhen Fashion Week, to this year's 'Syria's War Childs' and No Woman No Cry to the current ' Everything has a soul', I would say that these are what would be closest to me.

最可以形容我自己的衣服当然就是我自己设计的服装,从去年在深圳时装周走秀的"一念天堂,一念地狱"系列,到今年的“叙利亚战争儿童”,之后的“No,Woman,No Cry”,还有现在最新的“万物皆有灵”,那是最能表现我的作品,也是我的心声表达。


FI : You guys are living your dream and living it to the fullest, many of your fans aspire to be like you. What do you have to say to them?


BO : Don't let social norm or pressure to make you lose sight of your ideals and dreams. Do not forget why you started and maintain a good positive attitude. Do what you like, do what you do best. There is no such thing as being too late, because the only regret you will have is that you didn't even start. The only person you have to prove to is yourself, and I like to see people who appreciates my craft to become better and better  and are brave to chase their dreams, working hard to achieve what they deserve while doing things that they enjoy, treat people with gratitude and respect, so that you can live your life without regrets.



Editor's note

I got to know Bo several months back through a mutual friend's WeChat moments. She was featured in a several high profile fashion shoots in Canton, also known as Guangzhou and I was intrigued by this young lady with really interesting features, but yet totally Chinese. I thought it would be cool to speak with her and find out more about her.
As fate would have it, we got introduced to Bo by one of our boys in GZ and we started to hang out everytime we headed there.
Cliche as it may sound, but it is indeed a small world as Bo's husband is Pop, one of the first few contestants to be selected for the hottest rap reality show, RICH. (Rise In China Hip Hop)
Before knowing Bo, I am sure many of you , like me, would assume that she is one of aloof and unfriendly. I guess we should all stop judging a book by its cover, as Bo turned out to be the realest, most honest and caring person I have met so far in GZ.
From her humble beginnings, to where she is now, is the result of her relentless pursuit of what she believes in, and fulfilling her ideals against all odds and not giving a fuck about what others think about her. Bo is truly an inspiration to the people around her and her thousands of followers.
I might not have seen a hell lot of influencers, models or KOLs, but I believe I have seen enough to say that Bo represents the next generation of people with real influence, giving value and causes that truly inspires and creating greatness, and they are coming out from where you least expect them to be.




Keep it real X

Unclassified Derrick Hoh October 26 2017, 0 Comments

Coming Of Age : Derrick Hoh 

Most of you should know our favourite prince of Mandopop Derrick Hoh and how he has helped shape the local scene with his infectious songs with hits like Forever amongst others. 

It has been awhile since we caught up with him properly since we first met back in 2008, and well, here we go.

Flesh Imp // FI

Derrick Hoh // DH

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FI : Hello Derrick, let us know a little more about who you are and what's up these days?

DH : I'm a Singaporean singer-songwriter, actor, director based in Taiwan, and I'm working on my next single and also busy writing some songs for many other recording artistes at the moment.

FI : It looks like you have not only matured in terms of your singing career, and gotten into production and also, you just did a concert last month, and from the looks of it, it was lit!  

DH : The theme was "Back to 19", and the idea was to bring my fans back to where I started. I shared some experiences I had over the years. Most of which I'd never shared before.

FI : Wow, this must have brought you and your fans closer.

DH : I'm sure the fans got to know me more after the concert. It was an extremely intimate affair. I cried and so did they.

FI : Sounds like an emotional affair, but I am sure it was  Being in the industry to almost 10? years, how do you feel having seen the ups and downs of the music scene?
The landscape had changed so much over the years but I feel good, to be honest. Especially if you are talking about the local music scene in Singapore. The internet had helped tremendously in bringing out raw talents. Now we just need to build a healthy environment to sustain these acts.

FI : There seems to be a trend in singing competitions for the past few years, both in China and Malaysia, what are your thoughts? 

DH : Many producers had approached us over the years and we'd turned down those requests. Although I'm one who benefitted from a reality singing competition myself, I'd always find it impossible to judge great singers especially towards the end of the show of every season. By then what's left will be contestants with their phenomenal voice representing different genres. It's like saying my religion is better than yours, it sounds wrong. These shows are more like fantastic performing platforms to me, towards the finals everyone is a winner.

FI : It is very true especially for the competing on different genres. I guess it really depends on what happens after the contest that makes the difference. As an artiste, you need to be always versatile in terms of styling, describe your fashion style, is there an 'onscreen Derrick' and 'off-screen Derrick'?

DH : I feel on-screen and off-screen Derrick are beginning to merge recently. I tend to be more laidback when I'm offscreen so lately, I tend to be rather laid back on-screen as well in terms of style. I usually request very comfortable clothes from my stylist nowadays. I guess that's what happens when you start to be more comfortable about yourself.

FI : Talking about comfortable clothes, if you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why?

DH : I'll say a sweatshirt. Warm and fuzzy, and always making sure you are covered!

FI : Perfect! lastly, any shout outs and advice for aspiring artistes?

DH : The world is yours for the taking nowadays, and I know being in this industry can be lonely and tough sometimes, but when life gives you lemons, add them into your gin and tonic and make merry!

Editor's note

I knew Derrick probably right after he won the singing competition. We were introduced by  mutual friend and I remember him fresh faced, earnest and sincere. We met at our store in Wisma and I remembered asking him to autograph a cap for me. His answer was classic. ' C'mon, please, we are friends, no need!" 

Such is the display of realness and humility. Eventually, he did autographed a cap for display at the store. :p

The next few years saw Derrick busy with his promos and concerts in Taiwan. Other than the occasional hellos at events and gala premieres, I never really had the chance to speak to this long time friend for a long long time.

Earlier this year, I managed to catch hold of him and planned a proper session with him and to see how we can work together again. And I was amazed of how much progress that he has made and the maturity that came with the experiences that he has gone through. Without losing that spark in his passion when we first spoke, Derrick has elevated his game from an artiste to someone that knows how to keep himself relevant and increase his value in this fast paced industry.

Moving seamlessly between the front and behind the scenes, Derrick puts his expertise as a singer-songwriter to good use. Adding acting to his multi talented repertoire, I can sense his excitement of bigger things to come as he speaks about how he plans to change the game in Singapore with ideas and concepts that he has encountered during his many overseas stints.

With his concert just wrapped up not too long ago, he related his emotional moment where he celebrated his journey with his fans who have gone through thick and thin with him. I look forward to the day where his ventures into China will reap him awesome results and how he can finally bring his fans from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South East Asia all onto one location or platform in time to come.

Here's to big things!




Wesley Chan - One Part of the @wongfupro October 17 2017, 0 Comments

 The Wesley Chan

We practically saw these talented guys built their film making empire from ground zero and looking at how they created the ultimate Youtube dream come true, we can't help but always look at the @wongfupro as the pioneers of opening doors for content creators of today.

This week, we managed to catch hold of @thewesleychan and asked a few questions that you might want to know about.

Flesh Imp // FI

Wesley Chan // WC

Heike Jogger Pants


FI : Wassup Wesley?

WC : Hello. My name is Wesley Chan. I’m a Chinese-American filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. I like making stuff because it’s fun. Most of the stuff I’ve made is through Wong Fu Productions, a digital content creation company (and YouTube channel) that I cofounded in 2007.

FI : Outside of work?

WC : Aside from projects for WFP, I like to travel, sleep, eat, imagine, and be with friends. Those are fun things too. 


FI : We have always wanted to ask you about moving from YouTube to the big screen, that's literally a dream come true for content creators like yourself?

WC : It feels good. It’s always fulfilling and inspiring whenever I can share my work— whether it’s to three million people online, twenty people in a room, or one person I’m catching up with. The movie, “Everything Before Us” was definitely most challenging because of its scale. Thankfully, we had a very capable team and some good practice. When you spend ten years making 5-10 minute short films, a 90 minute movie isn’t too bad.

FI : You guys basically paved the way for the next generation of the YouTubers, how about another one?

WC : I’d love to make another movie. There’s a lot of floating ideas and deciding which to develop is sometimes the hardest part.

Dan in Band Oversized T-Shirt, Tab Bomber Jacket and Camouflage Jogger Pants

Wesley in Barcode Tee


FI : Looking at you now, it seems like you are a natural at what you do, did you know this is what you will be doing from the start? 

WC : No not always, but I’ve always found enjoyment in visual storytelling. When I was younger, I had a very limited perception of what the film industry was. At that time, it seemed extremely unattainable and only a select few would make it past the gate keepers of Hollywood. As I explored the craft deeper, the filmmaking landscape was changing quickly with the advancement of technology. It made me realize there’s so many different ways to approach storytelling.

FI : What do you love most about being able to do that?

WC : I love everything from imagining a mood, capturing an emotion, translating it to reality and finally sharing it with the world. 

FI : Oh yes, talking about sharing it to the rest of the world, you have your own label Base Gray, how is that going for you?

WC: Base Gray is my playground. Before I was involved with filmmaking, I was determined to be a designer of some sort. I was able to satisfy some of that remaining desire with merchandise I created for WFP. As my personal taste evolved, I started making my own products that I wanted for myself— that I couldn’t find in stores or online. The name Base Gray comes from the idea of exploring a world between and beyond black and white. It that sense, it’s quite infinite and that excites me.

FI : Sounds like it's going places, hopefully we can see something with @basegray soon ;)

Nicholas in Damon Biker Jeans


FI : In this ever changing landscape where change is the only constant, where do you see the community, or yourself in the next 5 years?

WC : I’m a filmmaker that didn’t go to film school. I’m a designer that didn’t go to design school. I started making online videos before YouTube existed. I feel like my career path has relied on the ability to adapt, evolve and be resourceful. In five, ten, however many years, I want to continue to tell stories but hopefully through new mediums and genres. 

FI : That is inspiring indeed, I mean being able to adapt is probably one of the best traits to keep going, is that how you would describe your fashion style too?


WC : I don’t even know. I mean, I know but it’s just amusing to me how it’s changed. Sometimes, I feel like I’m just cosplaying an epic character that only exists in my imagination. I’ve always been a fan of functionality and utility built into my clothes. I think that’s why I’ve been drawn to the tech wear scene lately. It’s nice when fashion make sense and supports your everyday needs. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look as cool as a cyberpunk ninja, right? Haha.

Wesley in Tiger Bomber Jacket


FI : Ah, now we see it, cyberpunk ninja meets tech-function; so if you were a piece of apparel, I guess you would be a ..........

WC : ....clean, lightweight, breathable, outerwear piece that can be worn with versatility. It provides warmth but is also unobtrusive and packable when not in use. It has a range of visible and hidden and pockets for added utility.

FI : I can definitely see it now, I guess it should be in black then haha!

WC : Oh, and it’s definitely black with minimal branding. You can interpret all that as a metaphor if you want. Hahaha.

FI : That's super awesome, and you know the best part? You can actually make that item! Alright, thank you guys once again for making this happen, and on such a super tight schedule. anything else for the guys out here in Asia?

WC : Thanks Nicholas for always hooking me up with Flesh Imp gear and sharing your creative journey/learnings. Endless thanks to everyone in Singapore and SE Asia for the unbelievable support and warm welcome every time I visit (hopefully many more to come). Thanks Eric Wang and Dan Matthews for journeying with me to build new bridges!

Editor's note:

The first time I met Wes was probably a good 1.5 - 2 years ago when he was in town for Youtube Fan Fest. Thanks to David Choi, Wes was keen to pay the store a visit and we had a good time hanging out together with the full @wongfupro crew and with Chris Dinh as well.

Though we didn't get much face time as we were hanging out in a really big group, what struck me most was the attention for detail that Wesley has. While self proclaiming that he isn't that much of a fashionable person, he is definitely not showing from the questions he asked, and his taste for making quality clothing when he was at the Flesh Imp Store.

It definitely reflects his acute sense of creating quality story telling not just on screen, but also his everyday life and right down to Base Gray. 

With his keen eye for aesthetics and pursuit for excellence, I am sure that he will not only do well in the realm of visual story telling, but also in terms of creating fashionable and functional apparel that will probably be the staple of movie makers like himself, combining the fluidity of videos and the versatility of the woven clothes. 

The next thing to do is probably to work with Flesh Imp to bring that to the next level :)

Here's to more great stories and clothes, Wes





Dan Matthews aka @danakadan October 10 2017, 0 Comments


An alternative rapper, Korean adoptee, super talented. What else can he do?

Taking time off his super busy schedule when he was here for Music Matters couple weeks back, we had exactly 2hours to interview and shoot him. And boy, it was an experience working with probably the best guys in the business.

Flesh Imp // FI

Danakadan // Dan

Distressed White Tee


FI : We all know what you do and seen you in action, but tell us anyway.

Dan : My name is Dan - i'm an alternative rapper and producer out in Los Angeles, CA.  I'm a Korean Adoptee - and spend a lot of my time reflecting, writing, and talking about my bi-racial identity. Growing up with a family that didn't reflect my cultural self has given me an interesting outlook on life.  It's pushed me to write + produce content that addresses all of this.  I write a lot of music that i think reflects life rather than escapes life. Hopefully people can listen to it and see themselves in these songs. 


Camo Tape Oversized Tee


FI : I think it must be extraordinary growing up with a bi-racial identity ; so how was it finally meeting your biological family?

Dan : It's been about 4yrs since I've reconnected with my biological family and it's been a real blessing. I'm really thrilled to say that we talk often and are trying to keep our relationship moving.

FI : How's your Korean though?

Dan : Hopefully I'll learn more Korean soon! That's a goal! I need to learn my native language - I'm so bad. They're still based out in Korea though and I'm here in the US. So it's a journey every day. 


FI : That sounds awesome, you might just make it big in Korea as a KPOP star, haha! Which brings to me my next question; before taking this route, did you have any interesting jobs prior?

Dan : My whole life has been full of interesting jobs. I'm thrilled to say that even today that i get to live and work an interesting life.  I was once a Sushi Chef and got to eat HELLA sushi and drink beer.  That was fun. Beyond that just being a content producer and musician now is one of the most exciting things that's ever happened and continues to happen to me. 


FI : Whoa, are you still friends with the sushi shop? We should hit them up when we are in LA! So having gone through so many jobs and it is apparent that being in entertainment is your calling, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Dan : In five years i hope to be continuing to do what i'm doing now.  Hopefully just with a billion dollars. A billion dollars would be nice.  That and helping next generation of content creators and musicians. 


FI : Yeah, pretty much. A billion dollars would be perfect, wouldn't it? Tell us about your fashion style? Billion dollar bling or low key swag?

Dan: My fashion style, like my personality, goes back and forth between being really simple with grays + blacks to really loud colors.  It depends on situation. 


Band Oversized Tee


FI : Sounds legit, but what about this, compared to piece of apparel, what would you be?

Dan: I would be a pair of Converse.  I can be worn for a long time and have different textures to my life.  


Tiger Bomber Jacket


FI : I am sure you have loads of the iconic sneakers yourself. Well, before we go, anything else you wanna share?

Dan : Shoutout to Nicholas for whom the Trap Gods blessed with the ability of most amazing clothing. That and shoutout to Eric + Wesley Chan of whom are my best friends for life apparently. 

Editor's note: 

To be honest, prior to meeting Dan 3 years ago, I have no idea who he was and what he does. The only thing I knew about him was that he was an alternative rapper based in LA. 

When I got up close and hung out with Dan during one of his shows in LA, I was totally amazed by his professionalism and stage presence. 

Full of ideas and positivity, Dan is an inspiring presence to many around him. With his sights set on creating a bigger platform for all Asian artistes to be part of a collective, he is set on making it happen with his drive and hunger for success.

It was a quick 2 hour shoot, but throughout the time, Dan showed a part of him, I did not see previously and honestly, looking at him in his usual get up, I did have a bit of trouble styling him. 

But all that was unfounded as he came through and shining like a new fashion icon that really rocked the clothes, (I mean the clothes does help, but, you know) and give us a chance to see Dan in new light.

All the best bro



Our Favourite Wunderboy - Benjamin Kheng October 03 2017, 0 Comments

From the big screens to your mobile devices, right down to magazines, advertisements and movie posters, this guy @benjaminkheng is everywhere.

I managed to catch this talented wunderboy during one of our much enjoyed Muay Thai classes at Evolve MMA one Monday morning and had an interesting chat with this good looking, down to earth boy that we call Benjamin Kheng.

Flesh Imp / FI

Benjamin Kheng / BK


Wings Jacket

FI : There isn't anyone that doesn't know you, but let's hear it from you. 
BK : I'm a Singaporean based musician, actor, writer and twitter philosopher. I enjoy partaking in combat sports, swimming, internet memes and a healthy amount of existential dread.

Stripple Tee

FI : Sam Willows is considered the hottest band right now, how was that journey?
BK : There are bands who we think are way hotter and more talented, but we're nevertheless very grateful for the love and support. I'd say we've been through more in the past 5 years than most folks.

FI : Is this the 'existential dread' you were talking about?

BK : Haha, well, yes, insane highs, depressing lows, break-ups and loves, terrible and kick-ass shows, ratchet tours and little sleep, and tons of unreleased songs. BUT, at the end of it, I'd do it all again with these guys.

Retro Tee

FI : It seems to many that you have an obvious talent for singing (and acting, and sports etc etc etc ) But the real question is, have you always wanted to be a singer? If it wasn't the case, what would you have wanted to be?

BK : Realistically, as a Singaporean, no way. Growing up, music was always the side chick (not that I endorse side chicks, especially at that age, just a term of expression) to studies and sports. It wasn't till much later that it seemed feasible to go at it full-time.
This sounds ridiculous, but when I was a little younger I wanted to become a dialect (accent) coach for actors. Then I wanted to be a photojournalist or theatre director. I never took any of it as seriously as I should have but it's weird that those things are all a slice of my life now.

( editor's note : the dialect coach part is definitely very true. Almost at every hangout session, you can hear Ben trading tips of speaking different accents. And I would say, he is pretty good. Ben can seriously give Chua Enlai a run for his money)  

FI : Being a celebrity means almost everything about you is made public to everyone. Is there something that people do not know much about you? 
BK : This seems almost scarily common these days, but I've struggled with insomnia and depressive bouts occasionally over the past 2 years. There's such an open and healthy discussion about it these days and hopefully that's helping to normalize, not trivialize, mental health problems. I've only recently been able to quell it, with the use of regular exercise and art-making. Speaking of which (not a paid ad), I'm in a musical now, called Fun Home, which delves into mental health, family and sexuality; hopefully that opens doors to more conversations too. (Please come watch, thanks!)

Pad work session at Evolve MMA

FI : You mentioned about combat sports earlier, and we know you were a national swimmer too. Recently we have seen you take up Muay Thai and began training with Maxi, Joshua and Fuzz. Is that how you keep that fit these days?

BK : I won't lie, I've got a pretty love-hate relationship with fitness. I try to alternate between swimming, Muay Thai and general circuit training. All 3 employ real different muscle groups, so it's a challenge to get used to. But at least it's never boring.

Damon Jeans

adidas eqt

FI : I am sure you know all bands and artistes have a shelf life, in this generation where attention span has became much shorter, where do u see yourself in the next 5 years?
BK : I'd usually give some meta or ironic answer like "reclining on a sandy Bahamas beach with my future family" but screw that, I'd like to be doing exciting work, making music and traveling the world. And hopefully directing my first film.


FI : We have seen you done countless of fashion shoots, and we can see you in a myriad of styles and looks on your social media posts. But deep down inside, what is truly your fashion taste?
BK : Functional fancy. Future past. Clothes that fit. Shirt and pants. Tight not taut. Thrifty and trippy. I like hats. 

FI : Ah, hats. A few seasons back, you were rocking hats so well, almost anyone else who rocked a hat would be called 'Ben Kheng Style' I guess, if you are compared to a piece of apparel, you would be a hat then?
BK : Ah, tempting, but no, I'm a shirtbag. They're all the rage in Aussie thrift shops. They're bags made of vintage shirts. It shows that I'm multi-functional and slightly disorienting in a throwback kind of way, and I don't take myself too seriously. I'm just a teenage shirtbag, baby.


FI : It was lovely talking to you and we shan't take up more of your time, but before we go, any shout outs?
BK : Fun Home the Musical runs from 29th Sept to 15th Oct at the Drama Centre Theatre. Tickets through SISTIC. Stick and stay with @thesamwillows or @benjaminkheng for more updates. And hit follow on my favourite local brand @fleshimp x10 fire emojis

editor's note :

Although I have known Benjamin for awhile (since 2013), there are always so many things to learn about him every time we hang out.

Level-headed and humble, Benjamin is always finding out ways to improve himself and exploring new ways to present his music. His creative spontaneity is always spot on; just like how we literally collaborated on the shoot where he took over the direction and came up with some interesting angles to create a new look and feel of some of the shots. See if you can spot them haha.  

It is very refreshing talking to him because he has so many ideas about creating music and how he envision pooling all local talents into this common platform and showcasing them to the world.

Lately we have gotten pretty serious into Muay Thai and we are very blessed to be training under Evolve MMA, the best gym in the region and it is through this amazing sport that I have also got to see Ben's determination and hard work and how he reached level 2 within a short span of 6 months! Although he started a good 7-8 months after me, he is now able to give me legit boxing tips (which I still suck at)

Under his often-serious and soulful demeanour lies a witty and mischievous self, where his witty comebacks and keen observations never fail to surprise me. Between heavily accented exchanges, (his favourite at the moment seems to be the Conor McGregor one) and his funny stories during his overseas gigs, there lies a young man serious about his craft, and always on the look out for how to bring Singapore music to the rest of the world. 

 Here's to more good things to come, bro!



The Zadon September 28 2017, 0 Comments

The Zadon : More than just a beatboxer


Band Black Hoodie and Damon Biker Jeans



You have always seen him around, and besides from being all suave and cool, The Zadon does more than just looking good, we sat down with our pal from Singapore's hottest rap group Grizzle Grind Crew for some insights

Flesh Imp /  FI

The Zadon / TZ

Ryan Sweater


FI: Tell us about yourself
TZ: Hi my name is Zadon, I am a recording artist, songwriter, entertainer and beatboxer.

Flame Sweater

FI: Why The Zadon?
TZ: I feel like the name the Zadon allows me to constantly remind myself to spread positivity through what I do. There's a part of my brain where I'm always thinking of ideas to help brighten someone's day up. I fee it also helps in setting a standard in what I do in terms of coming up with quality work that people can enjoy.

Saint Strapback and Hallen Tee

FI: Did you always wanted to be an entertainer?
TZ: I've always respected and admired entertainers. I loved going to shows ,musicals and concerts but I've thought that I would be an entertainer myself. But when I had the chance to do it, I decided to take that step and never looked back.

100 Strapback and Eagle Bomber Jacket


FI: What would be your strength? Freestyle? Singing? Beatbox?

TZ: I started off with beatboxing and eventually I ventured into coming up with different contents. Even though I sing and beatbox on stage, I personally feel that my strength currently would be songwriting. It's something that I spent so much time working on and enjoy doing.

Fhrash Sweater

FI: Describe your fashion style
TZ: I love wearing jeans, I think it's something that's comfortable yet looks good, for tops it's either a T shirt with a jacket or a sweater. For shoes, I love my AJ's.

FI: If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why?
TZ: I would say, a pair of jeans; functional, practical, resistant, nice to look at. I'm never afraid to get dirty when I am in a pair of jeans.

Skully Sweater

FI: Shout outs
TZ: I wanna give a shout out to Nic and Vincent from Flesh Imp for supporting me since day 1. Also big love to the boys in Grizzle Grind Crew, ShiGGa Shay, Charles Enero, Ben Koh, Fuzz, Osz, Qom, Bucket, Nash, DJ Lenerd, Yong. And the studio team Req, KF and Shorya. These are the people that made a big impact to me personally and that means a lot.


Zadon, otherwise known as Elvis, was first introduced to us back in 2011 where he was just starting out. As a fan of beatboxing, I was thrilled to see someone getting this skill right. Over the years, I have seen Zadon growing from strength to strength, expanding his skill set from beatboxing, to free styling, and now, singing and songwriting. 

Don't let his aloof looks fool you, this humble young man has always time to say hi and catch a quick cuppa with you and talk about music any day and any time.

Here's his latest single Adios

@whatheutt! September 17 2017, 0 Comments

Utt - The VJ that that never ages.

Our favorite VJ landed in town and we managed to catch this real life Peter Pan for a quick chat on what's going on these days.

Flesh Imp / FI


Flame Sweater


FI : Who doesn't know Utt, probably the most well known VJ of our time, but tell us something about yourself.

UTT : Hi everyone I am Utt and I am Thai-Chinese / American and I am an actor, host and a producer!

FI : You spent quite a bit of time in Singapore during your MTV days, how was it?

UTT : MTV was a great experience I worked with the Music Channel when Music Television was big before we were hit with the digital age and social media.   So the power of Music and TV was at a different level. I travelled the world, partied, hosted events and shows met Artists!!  Veejays of the time were almost like mini rockstars. 

Utt in Panther Grey Oversized T-Shirt and Pedro Distressed Jeans


FI : Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

UTT : I accidentally became an entertainer because I was looking for extra money to earn but I was able to see a business side to it .  The whole process of the entertainment industry is all moving parts and there are layers of people who help make the final product whether its tv, music, stage, any type of production come alive.

Band Oversized T-Shirt


FI: You never seem to age, what's your secret?

UTT : I stay happy and positive and have a fun and playful nature.  Plus good genes thanks to my parents.


Utt in Fallen Bomber Jacket and Ryan Oversized T-Shirt


FI : What are you busy with these days?

UTT : I work for a Music Application called Joox ,  I'm the Head of Creative and Content for the video platform feature on Joox in Thailand called JooxLive.  This feature is a video platform that contains shows much like what I did at MTV only now I'm behind the camera :)

FI : Describe your fashion style

UTT : I go with the flow and observe what's around me and what I like, I either like it simple or I like to mix it up.  I don't know what I'll go with sometimes but that's how I surprise myself.  I"m also in a position where I have talented people in the industry around me so there are stylists, hair and make up etc that are there to assist me when I go to events or when I'm working.

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why?

UTT : I'd be compared to a backpack with lots of compartments,  because there are layers to me and so many different things that's a part of my personality you just have to go take time and get to know it.   

FI : Any shout outs?

UTT : Shout outs to people out there who have supported me throughout my career and shout outs in generally to be true to yourself and be compassionate to your fellow human. 

Initially when I asked Utt if he was able to do the shoot + feature for us, I was honestly thinking it might be a stretch, due to his busy schedule. In fact, some of the times he was in town, we did not get to meet, just cause he doesn't want to trouble his friends too much and also disappoint those that he weren't able to meet.

So imagine my surprise when he said "Yes, why not?"

And seeing him at work ( well, for the shoot and interview) I can see how Utt can stay relevant and still very much sought after, not just as an artiste, but also as someone that is behind the camera.

Bridging the gap between young upstarts and the production team, Utt has beautifully woven his years of experience into a beautiful product that attracts, retains and desirable.

Understanding his work at Joox, made me realise,( and him too), that everytime we meet, new ideas form and creative concepts are actually closer to fruition that we can imagine. 

With new found respect for Utt, I look forward to meeting him ( if he can allow me a time slot) the next time he is in Singapore.

chookdee na krub


#ladyboss September 11 2017, 0 Comments


We got to know Cordelia sometime back when she did one of our fashion shows and it seems like this good looking talent does more than just modelling these days.

Managed to catch up with the always happy and bubbly ladyboss earlier and here's what going on with her these days.

Flesh Imp / FI

Cordelia Low / CL

Cordelia in Hundred Tee

FI : Ok, we all know who you are, but tell us anyway.
CL : Hi! I'm Cordelia, extremely bubbly and hyperactive.

Cordelia in Hard Rock Tee

FI : Who is Cordelia the ladyboss?
CL: Cordelia does emceeing, and she also runs her own talent agency called Anticipatingdiva!

Cordelia in Panther Strapback

FI : Have you always wanted to be a #ladyboss
CL : Not exactly, but definitely no regrets! At one point in time, I was contemplating doing a lot of other stuff, like fashion marketing, and even returning to become a cabin crew. Amongst them was starting my own agency and was pretty much the most intimidating one that I had to do. After getting support from friends and family, I decided to take the plunge and here I am, after 4 years, still at it!

Cordelia in 1995 Strapback and Lightning Tee

FI : What does Anticipatingdiva do?
CL : It's a talent agency, and we work with brands from beauty brands to mobile to festivals to everything under the sun!

FI : How would you say your fashion style is?
CL :Anything that's comfortable, and I'm currently quite into street that's for sure!
FL : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why
CL: I would be, anything from Flesh Imp. It's been around for a long time, and I would want to stick around for a long time as well! It's locally made, and I'm definitely proud to be a Singaporean! (much love bae!)

Cordelia in Tape Oversized Tee

FL : What are your favorite kicks?
CL : Jordans forever!

FL : Anything you want add?
CL : Thank you to Nicholas for calling me back to always be part of the Flesh Imp family, and Michelle @purgingsouls for the awesome photos! In the meantime, you can find more of me at @c0rde and my agency will be at @anticipatingdiva

Not many know this but we have known Cordelia for a long time. I am not too sure, but it should be a major fashion show we did back in 2008. That's almost 10 years!

We knew her when she was still a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines and when she came for the casting call, she stood out immediately because of her bubbliness and cheerful disposition. But I guess because of that, it was a case of either you liked her or you didn't.

For us, we felt that she was someone that would do well, because we are believers of positivity and Cordelia is all the positive vibes you can get. 

At her crossroads, when she asked us for advise on whether to set up #anticipatingdiva, our answer was a resounding yes.

With a few titles and awards under her, you would assume that she is someone that put on airs and is hard to work with. Well, you'd be wrong, because not only is Cordelia someone that truly understands what you need for your show, and she will make sure, even if she might lose some money, to ensure that your show goes on as planned, or even better.

You go girl #ladyboss!

A Day With Ken Gushi September 05 2017, 0 Comments

Ken Gushi: Life in the fast lane

Ken in Dual Black Tee and Camouflage Black Joggers

Meet the real-life Sean Boswell, pro drifter Kenshiro Gushi.

Except instead of moving from the US to Japan, Ken Gushi moved from Okinawa Japan to LA with his parents at the age of two. We had the chance to speak to the man himself when he popped into Singapore for a Dunlop Charity Event last weekend of August.

We had a great chance to catch up at the Pit Building, thanks to our great pal Marcus, from Binter. 

Flesh Imp / FI

Ken Gushi / KG

FI : Tell us about yourself 

KG : My name is Kenshiro Gushi, and I'm a pro-race car driver.

I was born in Okinawa JP,  but moved to Los Angeles with my parents when I was just 2 years old. I have a younger sister who is a nurse. I'm the first pro racer in my family, and she is the first nurse in our family.

I began racing at the age of 13 when my dad put me in a rear drive 1985 Toyota Corolla at the El Mirage Dry Lake bed in California. Immediately, I was hooked on sliding cars around. Fast forward 17 years, I'm a works driver for Toyota Racing in the Formula Drift series.


FI : What made you want to drift?

KG : It was the feeling for escape from reality. Drifting is the art and motion of forcing a vehicle to do what it was never designed or intended to do. I loved that sense of rebellion. And I've always wanted to push that to the extreme.

Ken in Patches Tee 

FI : Have you always wanted to drift?

KG : I knew immediately that I would one day become a pro driver. Not just with drift, but with performance driving in general. But I've also wanted to try other things. I did a little bit of snowboarding, 2 wheel dirt bikes, break dancing (at least an attempt!), and even tried vinyl scratching on the 1s and 2s. I have a whole DJ turntable setup in my room. I have even finished 2 full 42km Los Angeles marathons.

I still have a long list of things I want to try and accomplish before I die!


Ken in Snake Hoodie

FI : You always seem so confident on screen and on the track, is that always how you are?

KG : It wasn't long after I began onscreen camera and film work that I realized I was an introvert. Behind the scenes, I actually have a hard time carrying conversations with people. But in my career path, and especially in my field of work, talking and striking up conversations is a must-have skill set. So over the years, I developed a way to mentally switch on a extrovert Ken. I genuinely feel like a different person when I'm in front of camera or fans. Otherwise, I'm extremely quiet and reserved.


FI : Describe your fashion style

KG : What style?? Haha!! Just kidding.

Normally, I love to dress comfortable and casual. This would include joggers with sneakers, and a basic long t-shirt. Pair that with a nice watch and call it a day. If it's trendy and fresh, I'm all about it. While I was in Singapore, Nicholas from Flesh Imp hooked me up with some new gear. Totally my style so I was excited!

FI : If you are compared to a piece of apparel, what would you be, and why

KG : I'd have to say I'm a pair of chonies, or briefs for those who don't understand LA street lingo. Why you ask? Because I carry a huge package. 😏

And I like to protect my belongings. In all aspects of life, of course.

FI : Any shoutouts?

KG : Massive shout outs to Nicholas and Flesh Imp for always taking care of me when I'm in Asia. Marcus with Binter for believing in me and trusting me with your cars, Nian for lending me your car during the event and shoot, and to my FD Asia family. Ivan, Phob, and everyone else, ya'll are family to me. Last but not least, my fans around the globe! Number 1 baby.

Big ups to Ken for always showing love to your boys down in Singapore. 

I met Ken a couple years back during the Formula Drift Singapore Competition and I was part of another drift team called DDF.  When I was introduced to Ken, after being awestruck for a few seconds, I realised that this world class drifter that have many wins under his belt, is actually a very humble and quiet kinda guy.

His knowledge for cars, and drifting is amazing and he has that passion for his sport, and the desire to find out what is lacking and how to improve every time is definitely a virtue to have, be in on the tracks, or in life. 

As we walked away after the shoot at the pit building, I am still thinking about how Ken could really score a side gig as a fashion model. haha. Perhaps we should work on something, should we?

And oh, I do miss Ken's taxi ride in his Toyota Chaser!

Follow Ken on his Instagram right here.

Photos by @purgingsouls

Flesh Imp x Sole Superior #chicksinkicks Gallery November 24 2014, 0 Comments

Over the weekend we had some sneaker fun at Sole Superior.

Singapore's first and probably best sneaker convention, the second installation of this sneakercon saw a new wave of sneakerheads hitting Zouk in full force.

Besides from our Flesh Imp x Sole Superior Snapbacks that were sold out at the event, the #chicksinkicks gallery was also launched.

Here are some of the cool shots that we did with @ericchenrr

Featuring Cordelia, Amanda and Melody




Download and view the awesome #chicksinkicks LookBook here in full!


Nick (in kicks)

September Instagram Winner! September 30 2014, 0 Comments

Alright, we heard ya!

So what's the best way than to give out some awesome store credits to the winner for September's Instagram Giveaway.

Here you go!

Congrats my man!

Congrats buddy!

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Sale Grid - More Good deals on the low September 30 2014, 0 Comments


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Hot Tees for October September 30 2014, 0 Comments

Here's a sneak preview of what we have in store for October.

Don't Sleep! Peep the full collection here.


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