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4 Styles to Rock this X'mas!

It's X'mas and we are all ready to hit the party.

The worse thing is to see someone rockin the same gear as you, while you gotta do the hide and seek.

So here are some style guides for 4 different scenarios for you guys


1. X'mas Brunch by the berth 

Anchorope Tee

Cliche as it is, this Tee can't get any less nautical and 'yachty' so if you are at one degree 15, this will definitely give you some real swag.


Feroz Berms


We were torn between going full nautical with the Bailey Berms but decided that it will be overkill, so we opted for this one instead.

Slip on a pair of loafers and you are good to go.


2. Tis the Tea Time 

Cooper Shirt  

Teatime is always a little tricky cos, it's neither formal nor casual for some. You could always overdress for tea if you are at the local kopitiam, but end up equally underdressed at The Royal Copenhagen. for all we know, Cooper here will make sure you don't lose any of that style.

Feroz Berms

Pairing with a simple yet detailed bermudas should give you an all round vibe without looking like a sore thumb, or mistaken for the server.


3. Turkey Dinner

Damien Shirt - Online Exclusive

Fresh off the block, Damien shirt is a good mix of heavy cotton at the front and oxford all around. Smart and preppy for any dinners, yet casual enough to fit a stylish house party you might have after.


Chandy Pants 

As usual, our classic pants with specially placed details give a tinge of bespoke, and cuffing them up just so slightly creates a true gentleman look.


Berowne Blue Shoes

Chunky sole with a mis-matched loafer upper gives that clashed style which turns out pretty good too.


4. It's X'mas Party!


Achilles Shirt 

Floral is the key trend this season and we should see more of these in 2014, so be seen as the trendsetter this X'mas!

Venetia Jacket


Go full on swag with Venetia as the colors go cray cray with it. Be scene!

OOTD Snapback


Forget those hashtags! BE the hashtag!

nuff said

Dexon Pants


Simple and classic with the ampulet flap in floral adding a touch of cheekiness. 

Army Green Foot Wear

Relive the army days with this boot clunk of a dress shoe. Tread with caution in the urban jungle, but fret not when you are on the dance floor!


So there we have it.

4 styles for X'mas and you are ready to turn heads and break necks


Merry X'mas Yall!




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