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7 affordable yet super thoughtful gift Ideas for your boyfriend!

Buying a guy presents is relatively easy when you know what he wants.

But when it comes to X'mas shopping, it could be quite a challenge.

So before scrambling and and head for the common gift section. You might want to check out gift ideas from sites like ours to make your job simpler.


7. Ipod touch

No one will say no to an ipod touch, so this one should be a no brainer. 

In fact, with so many colors, you could match one with his favourite!  

Now, if you have some time, you could even add a touch of thoughtfulness by adding a special playlist for him.

After all, nothing beats a great device with customised playlist yeah?


image from


6. Tee Shirt and Snapback set

The good old Tee and Snapback / Cap combo always works!

All you need to do is to take note of the sizes everytime he buys a shirt.

Now, all you need is to buy them here! and here!

Our fave Tee

Our fave snapback


5. Perfume

Many of the girls I know like to recieve perfumes, but do many of


4. Framed Photo of yourself


If you think you look good in sexy but tasteful shots of yourself, then hit him with a selfie of yourself looking sensual and gorgeous.

Buy a nice frame and hand it to him (nicely wrapped up, no less) innocently and watch his jaw drop. 

You can be sure that it will sit proudly by his bed.

*photo of Vanessa by the awesome


3. A naughty but nice lingerie for yourself

Who says X'mas shopping has to be gifts for others? This X'mas, get naughty for him. 

Be his Santarina and give him a little visual treat!


2. Home Spa

What better way to spend X'mas with someone close at heart relaxing at home and having a great massage or spa?

Gather those essential oils and pick up basic massage skills here


1. Love Letter

Go back like old times. True, but ol skool never fails to light up his face.

Write his a long and random love letter for X'mas. Tell him how much you love him, what you guys have gone through and what you wish for him for the new year and you know, lovey dovey stuff. 


So there you have it, 7 affordable yet super thoughtful gift ideas for your boyfriend!

Santa Swag! 



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