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Rock out at ZoukOut!

Definitely one of the most anticipated event of the year, ZoukOut is possibly the best way to wind down after a year of hard work. Well, even if you have been slacking, it is still the best party, hands down.

Most of the guys I know have been hitting the gym so that they would have all the legit reasons to show some buff, but for those who haven't, or don't really care, here are some fashion styles that can let you get away without going topless.


It's pretty much a Tees / Shirts + Berms + Flip Flops affair. 

Mix them up yo

1. Tee + Berms + Flip Flops 

2. Shirt + Berms + Flip Flops 

3. Tee + Shirt + Berms + Flip Flops

Shy, buffed guys can use the shirt as a teaser, if you know what I mean. 

Tip 1. Our shirt sleeves run a lil tight. Big biceps or small biceps, will look big in these bad boys. 


Here are the selection!

Sail White Tee Shirt 

Get onto the beach vibes with this one. Vision yourself holding a shot glass standing by the beach looking towards the moving vessel across the Sentosa straits.


To make sure you get all the attention without doing the talking, SWAG up with this tee. Good lookers get admired, the average looking, you still get credit for being #bold


Ancre Tee

Anchors have been all the rage this 2013, and much as we love to hate this nautical trend, it seems here to stay till 2014. So the creativity doesn't stop here.

Yolanda Haiyan Relief Tee 

When you are having fun, don't forget to do your part for donation relief for the Haiyan victims. The Flesh Imp team would be rocking this at Zoukout.


Cross Shirt

Monogrammed Shirts are simple, stylish and easy to match. Refer to the various combos available to keep them buttoned / unbottoned.


Ballard Shirt

Get into the tourist mode with Ballard and see what happens if you switch to a pseudo foreign accent.


Bailey Bermudas

What's a beach party without Bailey's? Both the drink and the bermudas here are gonna make you navigate like a beach party pro at ZoukOut! Go for it. You know you want it.


Abram Bermudas

They say, go loud or go home. I say just do it.

This one. Conversation piece / Chick Magnet 


Chandy Bermudas

For the mellow fellow, this one will keep you looking fine and prepped while you feast your eyes on the eye candy at the party. 

For Flip Flop ideas, take no further look that these guys


Have a great ZoukOut guys!

See ya there!



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