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Post Festive Fitness

We know how the year end X'mas and New Year's is a season of giving, and of course eating!
So here we are, after much bingeing and boozing, and knowing that while it is good excuse to skip exercising, it is also the time where your much-disciplined exercise regime will go out of the window during this time.
For those we want to NOT pile on the kilos, here are some cheat tips for you not to get sluggish!
The idea here is that you need to do at least 5 from the list, as they have different intensities as well as training different parts.
Pick 5 that are closest to your regime and you should be able to get by, and pick up after the festivities are over!
1. Tuck Jump
Do 5 x 10 sets - This will help strengthen your abs, as well as good cardio 
2. Side Lunges
Do 2 x 15 each side and get your lower body worked out.
3. Burpees
3 x 12 of these will get your cardio going, as well as those lower body muscles.
4. Dips on chair
I like these, as they really give the triceps a good boost. Do 5 x 10 if you really want to feel the strain.
5. Over Head Squats (lock out arms!)
7 Shoulder Push ups
8 Bronco Kicks (hands on chair)
9 Push ups (toes on chair)
10 One Arm Snatch (5 reps ea arm)
11 Grasshoppers (plank position, knees to outside elbow)
12 Sit up toe touch (doubled up)

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