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Grizzle Grind Crew Anniversary Shoot

Last Sunday we had a great time with The Grizzle Grind boys for their photo and video shoot.

We are stoked to be part of their 1st Anniversary shoot.

Our slot was at 1pm and guessed who we saw the moment we stepped in?

Ivan, the manager for the crew, doing a little dance move while the rest of the guys tested the lights.

Sam Willows were part of this shoot too. Can't wait to see the video already. 

Me and Vincent talking to Jin, or ShiGGa Shay to his fans about the shoot. And oh yes, he is wearing the limited edition Flesh Imp x Grizzle Grind Crew sweats.


We are up next and we finally had the chance to rep the handsign on video. And trying our best to look bad-ass!

Here's how to do it Grizzle Grind Style with the boys.

This is the first time we saw ShiGGa in his element. Checking out every shot and making sure it is up to his direction.

Hey, afterall, this is the guy that did The Lionmen Music Video.

Dropping 29th March 2014, the Grizzle Grind Anthem Music Video is gonna kick ass. 




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