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Interview - Meet the Grizzle Grind Crew

This is the week that the Grizzle Grind Crew has dropped their much anticipated MV and this Saturday 29th Mar 2014 is their big day. 

But how many of you actually know about the Grizzle Grind Crew?

Here's the lowdown as we speak to the boys.


FLMP (Flesh Imp) : So it’s been a year for Grizzle Grind Crew, props for that! What has happened in the year that was most significant for you boys?

GGC ( ShiGGa Shay) : A lot of events have taken place over the year and we’ve been really blessed to progress and grow as a crew. 


FLMP : How did you come about the idea of forming GGC? What inspired it?

ShiGGA : I’ve always wanted to form a collective of people of different talents and be self-sufficient in the sense where we won’t have to depend on any external support. 


The GGC and the LIMPEH formation.


FLMP : Who are the members that make up GGC?

ShiGGA : ShiGGa Shay, DJ NashD, OszKid, Tosh Rock, Charles Enero, The Zadon, Wang Weiliang, LINEATH, Yong, Ivan, CHEW, DJ LeNERD, Bucket, Ben Koh, GhxstOne.

ShiGGa Shay


DJ Nash D



Tosh Rock





The Zadon

Wang Weiliang







DJ Lenerd





FLMP : How is GCC different from your personal style as ShiGGa Shay? What’s your vision for it?

ShiGGa : GGC is a collective of talents with similar visions and directions. ShiGGa Shay is more of an artist alone. 


FLMP : Leaders of The New School mixtape will be released mid April. What can the fans expect from it?

ShiGGa : Singaporean Hip-Hop music.


FLMP: We can’t wait for Grizzle Grind Anthem’s music video to drop. What’s the concept behind the video?

ShiGGa : I kinda went for the clean glitchy look for this music video, we had a lot of our good friends in the industry that came by - Sam Willows, JubaFilms, Puma, Redbull. Flesh Imp hooked us up with the new Ann1versary collection that we’re extremely excited about. Mad props to Nicholas and Vincent from Flesh Imp for always supporting our work. 


FLMP : What’s next on the cards for GGC?

ShiGGa : More shows, more videos and more events. 


FLMP : ShiGGa Shay and Tosh Rock, you opened for Raekwon and Ghostface Killa recently in Singapore, what was it like?

ShiGGa : It was an incredible honor to have shared the stage with 2 of Hip-Hop’s greatest musicians. Wu Tang is forever! 



FLMP : If GGC had a chance to work with an international hip-hop artist, who would you want to work with, and why?

ShiGGa : Kanye West. I would love to ask him for his views on certain things in the world. 


FLMP : If a person was stuck in a deserted island with GGC for a day, what would the day be like?

ShiGGa: Crazy and tiring.. 


FLMP : Do you think you've rapped for more than 10,000 hours?

ShiGGa : Maybe.


FLMP : Where would you guys like to perform at next? (Country)

Shigga : Los Angeles! 


FLMP : Tell us one interesting fact about GGC that your fans don’t know about.

ShiGGa : We have members from all races. 


FLMP : Lastly, is there anything that you want to say to the fans?

ShiGGa : Thank y’all so much for the love and support, for if it wasn’t for y’all, the crew wouldn’t be where we are today. Peace!  




And here's the Grizzle Grind Crew Anthem Music Video.


You might find one or two familiar faces inside the MV too!


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