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Thank You for the wonderful 14 years.

After 14 years in the business, we have decided to call it quits.

Perhaps it is not such a surprise, as Flesh Imp have been around for 14 years.

Realistically speaking, being local have its up and downs and Flesh Imp is able to carry on because of love and passion.

In the past 14 years, Flesh Imp have worked and collaborated with the best in the business.

Like all movies, no matter how good or bad, will come to an end.


Flesh Imp, we hope, have been a good movie for you.

Over 500,000 Tees sold and having dressed more than 200,000 worldwide with our unique blend of clothing.

Our deepest wish is to keep that local spirit going, along we say goodbye.

Let our clothing be the bond that ties local fashion and music together.

So, we hope everyone will come together and make the local scene vibrant.


Thank you all and goodbye

Vincent and Nicholas

ps: we will release an official statement to tie up all the loose ends with all our partners and customers within the week.

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