Style : What to wear for the ( long ) Weekend - Ah Boys To Men Musical Opening week! April 16 2014, 0 Comments

Just last Sunday we had a visit from Charlie and Maxi at the Scape store and they were mad busy with the rehearsals for Ah Boys To Men Musical.

Before the beginning of a hectic 22 show run, these twosome from the fondly-known as 'The Triple Threat' managed to drop by and say hi. 

For those who have yet to got the tickets to this delightful musical of the wildly successful local movie, you can get them here.

It was a chill Sunday and the boys and I chatted a little and it is heartwarming to see local talents get some much love.

It was never easy and it was great to know that both Charlie and Maxi were level-headed young men whom, before their big break on the movie screens, were on their daily grind, pushing the limits and finally found success after much hard work.

We also talked about following our dreams and challenging ourselves and never giving up, and I think these boys will definitely make good role models because they don't let anything stand in their way of their dreams.


So... seeing that this is a Good Friday long weekend, what do you think you should be wearing to the opening of the Ah Boys To Men Musical?

Here are some inspiration from 'The Triple Threat' themselves!


Here's what we think Charlie would wear.

Outfit 1

Starpe Tee

Hip Grey Sweats

Timber Snapbacks

MVP shades


Outfit 2

21T Tee

Zipper Black Sweats

Dope Floral Snapback

Marshell Black Shades


Maxi in Beast mode

Outfit 1

Hype Singlet

Brawny Grey Sweats

3star Snapback

Salvaro Yellow Shoes


Outfit 2

Trieye Tee

Ricky Berms

Salvaro Footwear

Mib Brown Shades



Our favourite youtuber turn movie star Noah looking all dapper in Hong Kong

Outfit 1

Dog Tee

Corona Jacket

Rhemus Pants

Purcell Footwear


Outfit 2

Judice Shirt

Maitland Blazer

Tommy Pants

Varvatos Shoes


Can't wait to see them in action this weekend!