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Rock your Joggers!

it's finally here!

The summer must-have item in your wardrobe this season gotta be the Joggerpants.

A variation and evolution of the cuffed pants, the Jogger Pants is one of the trends where you will go ' why didnt I think of that?'

Besides from looking smart without the cuff, Joggers are probably the only pants out there that gives you a full view of your beloved kicks without having to do anything.

Big props to Publish Brand, probably one of the first few brands to come up with the joggers that is now taking the world by storm.

So here's our interpretation of the Jogger Pants and how you can start rocking them!



Anchorsail shirt

Three Star Snapback

Salvaro Shoes







UNKN sweats




And of course, joggers always look awesome with your favourite Nike's



Photo @peepmysneaks

photo @rtf_23


This Mayday weekend, let's go joggers!



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