SHORT OVER LONG May 08 2014, 0 Comments

The title must have got you puzzled.

We are talking about pants and bermudas here, in case you are thinking otherwise.

Ever thought of changing it up? Instead of always sporting your black boring old pants.

Try something a little different. How about this pair of pants?




Unable to decide what to wear with it? Fret not, below are some great ideas you can try out with this short pants legging.





Majority think that this short pants legging could only style casually which you would always wear it with t-shirt or sweatshirt whether its plain or graphic prints on it.

Not to worry, there are more styles that you could pair up with this pants.




I bet almost all you guys have an essential of an oxford button up in your wardrobe. Pairing your white button up with these sport pant leggings, it'll change up your every-day look into something more grungey.




And yep, in case you are wondering, we are dropping some pants ( not literally) in the coming weeks.

Don't sleep!