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We have spotted a lot of people wearing sweater on the streets lately, so here some tips to all sweater lovers out there, we have create a style guide that suit for this rainy season.



Fries sweater

Pocket black jogger pants

Archery Black bag pack

Varvatos brown shoes


Want to have a new look to school? How about our fries sweater? It’s bright in yellow and it’s fries! Who doesn’t love it?




Five black sweater

Ricky Meroon Bermudas

Blits brown Bracelet

3Star black Snapback


Don’t want to be over dress to meet your friends? How about pairing your sweatshirt with Bermuda.




Snakeskin Sweater

Brawny Grey Sweat pants

MBP Sun glass

Salvaro Yellow Shoes


You don’t feel like dressing up? Want something casual? Here’s another style tips that will help you to solve the problem!


Why don’t you give it a try today!

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