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Bag is an item everyone needs to have whenever you go out to work, school or going out on a casual day. A bag comes in a different kind of style and shape. However there are three main bags design that people always wear and would look great no matter what! Here are the designs that would never goes out of trend.





Buckle backpack is easy to match with your outfit whether it’s formal or casual. Up till today it has produce with lot of different kind of pattern and color. No one would get tired with buckle backpack!




Studded backpack became a sensation due to celebrities who were seen carrying it. Therefore it becomes a trend lately as people were inspired by them. This bag is loud but stylish, and it goes well with any outfit!







Not to forget the bag that would never go out of trend is the basic backpack. Almost everyone is using this basic backpack to school, work or basically anywhere! It comes in different pattern, color and design.

And also Flesh Imp is launching new series of bag! Be prepared!



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