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3 places to watch fireworks for National Day! ( For Free! )

All ready to celebrate National Day but no tickets to the parade?

Here are 3 places to enjoy those awesome NDP fireworks for free!


1. Promontory

*photo by

This wide open space has been used for various activities and come National Day, it will be packed with crowds trying to get a glimpse of the fireworks. Bring your picnic baskets and other goodies and camp out here for a great night out.


2. Helix Bridge

*awesome photo by fiftymm99

Though some say the interlinked structure might be a hindrance to perfect clear view of the fireworks, but we think standing at the awesome bridge and viewing the fireworks at the same time beats any other feelings of national pride. 


3. Merlion Park

*awesome shot by adforce1

If you have to play tourist at least for once in your life, this would be the time, and Merlion Park would be the place to do so.

Abuzz with tourist throughout the day, this park will be twice, if not, thrice as packed with tourists, and people who read this post.

Be there early to 'chope' your spot as you can expected a thronging mass of people trying to get 'grandstand' view at this one.


And if you are lucky like me, I managed to get some preview tickets, which gave me a good preview two weeks back. :P



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