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Get ready for the F1 Weekend!

Are you ready for the F1 weekend?

We sure are!

Besides from heading down to the grandstands, we would be dressing up nice to be picture perfect this race season.

But wait, what if you want to have a little peek, without having to get tickets?

Sure, you might be called a cheapskate, but if you just want to have a budget angle this F1, then try these places!

This post might get pulled off the net, but you know, save a brother some money, it's all worth it!


1. Anderson bridge

View might be limited, but combine it with the roaring engines through Turns 12 and 13, this location is a good spot for some F1 ootd's as well. Enter from Connaught Drive

2. Helix Bridge

This iconic bridge gives a good vantage point for almost all occasions. Fireworks during National Day and Chinese New Year, and of course the F1. 

Turn 18 and Turn 20 and enter from Marina Bay Sands.

3. Marina Square Food Court

Probably the best kept secret for viewing the F1, but as you know with the viralibility of such posts, it might just get busted. Worth a try though.

Hit the food court and look for the balcony towards the seating area where you can see the Turn 14 and 16 with full vantage view.

Enter from #04-101 Marina Square.

Be sure to hit these areas early as it is going to be crowded.

Advice : Go for a recce one weekend before the F1 and take note of the build up and whether they are being blocked, or just to find a good place to park yourself early on practice or race days!

Good luck!

ps I am going to check out the Marina food Court later!

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