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Say hi to our Fresh Crew!

Say hi to our fresh new crew!

If you remembered over the past month we were asking #haveyouseenthem, well, now we have!

Say hi to our newest crew 

Zin Nam

He is from the track and field team of his school, and is really into his sneakers.

He buys his sneakers in US and Japan through online stores or when his friends visits!

His ambition is to be a lawyer, so next time you visit the store, better not argue with him!

Edison is an experienced retail crew, previously from H&M.

Stylish and looking good, Edison also loves acting when he is free.

And come to think of it, we do feel that he looks a little bit like Joanne Peh. 

What do you think?

Pei Lin is also one of our talented crew who loves dancing, and sometimes she will break into some moves on the sales floor.

Come battle with her if you are free!


We are happy to have the fresh crew repping the brand so head on down and get friendly with them!

They might be new but they are always ready to be at your service, so give them a chance if they are picking up the momentum at the store yeah?


Can I help you?



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