'Anti-Drug Lord Hero' FLMPLTD ANTI-DRUG ABUSE SERIES October 24 2007, 0 Comments

Drugs destroy the lives and futures of our youth.
We believe that everyone plays a part to stamp out the drug abuse.
Flesh Imp supports anti drug abuse by way of ‘ Flesh Imp Anti Drug Lord Hero’ in FLMPLTD limited edition silver-foil pack.

Drawing reference from the various ways of drug consumption, we provide some information of the unique, and most of the times, horrific ways to die by the abuse that comes with it.

Silver Foil Pack with White Print

Smoke of death


Street Slang

Marijuana, Pot, Grass, joint, Ganja


Street Slang

Ice, Glass, Crystal, Speed, Yaba

Sometimes mixed with tobacco, these drugs causes fits, strokes and death, as well as liver and kidney diseases. Often in a confused, delusional state, the abuser will have slow reaction and act violently.


Silver Foil Pack with Black Print

Death by Injection


Street Slang

White, Smack, Junk, Powder, Putih, Medicine, Ubat


Street Slang

Crack, Coke, Snow and Blow

Heroin and Cocaine are commonly injected into the bloodstream to achieve that ‘high’.
Abusers usually have difficulties in concentrating, and have damage to the lungs, kidneys and liver. Sounds like a self inflicted death sentence.


Silver Foil Pack with Gold Print

Snort of Death


Street Slang

K, Special K, Vitamin K, Kit Kat


Street Slang

Ecstasy, Yo-Tao

Comes in powdered, liquid or tablet forms, these 2 drugs are commonly found in rave parties and discos. Abusers experience increased heart rate and blood pressure, inability to think, see and co-ordinate properly. What a way to dance to your death.

Drug abuse may give you temporary relief from the problems you may face in reality but when the effects of high wears off , you will feel even worse off than before, and leaving you with adverse side effects to both mental and physical well-being.

Available in a worldwide limited run of 30 pieces per design, the FLMPLTD ‘Anti Drug Lord Hero’ series is produced latest state-of-the-art direct photo print transfer technology.

This intensively researched technology allows precise photo print transfer from film to the Tee Shirt, thus creating razor sharp details without losing any of the photography effects during the process. Flesh Imp is proud to be the first to incorporate this technology for this project.

'FLMP DSGN' Sleeve Detail

Our latest 'FLMPLTD' label

Available at $59 for a limited period only.

A FLMPLTD Anti Drug Limited Edition series.