Flesh Imp Coke Zero @ The Butter Factory 11th July 2008 July 18 2008, 0 Comments

Getting the fridge ready and well stocked with the Coke Zero + Flesh Imp merchandise

Finally unveiled

Dan the man, the MC for the night.
Event starts now.
Jerry T and Phoebe on their first silkscreen job of the night.

The Hoodie
Enjoying the Urban Mix ( Coke Zero + Jim Beam) while looking at the displays.

Vincent on his inspiration about the collaboration and how he came up with the design and direction of the collection.

Nicholas, on what the collaboration is about and the synergy behind the 2 brands.

Hui Ling, Assistant Brand Manager, Coke Zero on why Flesh Imp and Coke Zero can connect to the youth with this dynamic collaboration.

The 'not for sale' ultra exclusive Flesh Imp Coke Zero Bottle.

Calling for the first ever, web acronym championships contestants!
It's a knock out round, and it seems the girls are stronger in web acronyms!
The much coveted Tee Shirt

OMG, these LOL girls are, IMHO, really HOT!

Vincent ready to give out the winner for the best LOL look!

Dan the Man with the girls!
Thank you for attending the event at Butter Factory last week. TTYL.