The LookBook shoot of the Year! September 10 2008, 1 Comment

Rozz shoot, I shoot

pre-make up

Dan the man with fancy lightning make-up.

It looks good on you bro!

Dan with his 80's retro pose.

Young with his emo look

We are surprised at how Vernon is so used to having make up on him.

Vernon's art shot tattoo

Jacqui getting her tresses teased

Rozz, totally in her element and showing us her nice 'keloided' Star Tattoo.

Subliminal message not intended

Soo Wei and 'Your Lunch Buddy' Desiree getting all made up by our friendly MAC artists.

The chill-out before the big group shot.

Left from front, Daniel Ong, Shan Wee, Vernon A
Right from front, Young, Vanessa, Justin Ang
Soo and Rozz in a private moment.
The girls getting ready for their shots.
The part time DJs looking fab, glam and ready to POP!
From left, Emily, Jac, Gen and Sarah
Final scene:
Zouk ladies toilet
Soo Wei and Desiree

We had so much fun it was insane!

A total of 13 DJs came for the shoot and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Can't wait for the final pictures to be ready!