It's out! The full collection October 29 2008, 0 Comments

Flesh Imp Fall / Winter 08
Klashing into the crazy colors and neon lights of the 80’s synthesized pop, Flesh Imp presents the latest collection in a panic at the disco fashion.
Highly fused by the energy of our local radio jocks from 987, this collection is shot on location in Singapore’s best club, Zouk.

Flash your loud colors this season where our graphics with strong contrasts and striking neons take the stand. Stay bright in our hoodies as they transform into beacons of the dancefloors with garish overtones.

Distressed denim rule this season once again with that really worn out look which totally contradicts the concept of color, but then again, its all about clashing with the disco kids aint it?

Collection out now at all Flesh Imp concept stores.
Get ready to Electric POP!

987 + Flesh Imp Limited Edition Tee Shirt

Flesh Imp turns 8 this December and we want all stylish, energetic and out going good lookers to join us!
If you think you got a lil something goin' and ready to strut your stuff on the runway, hit us up on with your bestest shots with your contact number and we will let you in on the fashion party of the year!