987 DJs come a-visiting! November 02 2008, 0 Comments

The 987 Djs paid the crew at Flesh Imp Heeren a surprise visit last week and they did a little autograph session while they were there

Shan, with his short hair, showing some love.
Justin, Lena, Shanon and Vernon
Emily, Shanon and Sarah Eden
Miss Vandetta leaves her mark.
Sarah has the help of the ladder to reach her spot
Emily with her message.

Soo Wei and Young
Desiree signs while the rest looks on.
Emily, who also advocates the green movement is the founder 'Blessings in a Bag' 
Justin with his signature "Ping and Pong' smile after signing off.
Our Favourite Lunch Buddy Desiree Lai says we are ACE!

Genevieve or Gen Gen with a really warm and fuzzy message for us!

Here we have Rozz, sans make up (but still looking cool) tagging the board (literally)

The final touches
Vernon A with the finishing touches
Both Flesh Imp and 987's crew had fun that day and here we have a parting shot before the jocks left for lunch.
Desiree Lai, Shan, Rozz, Emily and Sarah.
Thank you for dropping by guys, we love yall!