Flesh Imp supports PAVe February 06 2009, 0 Comments

Flesh Imp supports PAVe
In support of rising dating violence, Flesh Imp has come up with a
collection that brings across the message that dating violence is NOT OK in
a relationship.

Using stylish and edgy graphics combined with typographics to spread the
importance of dating violence.

With 3 Tee Shirts dedicated to this worthy cause, Flesh Imp hopes to
communicate the same message that PAVe wishes to bring across.

Choose Love Not Violence!

Design One


Using the current trend of typography and placing them to form a design
emphasizing on the word LOVE, this design is meant to signify that love
prevails in a relationship and not violence. By loving your partner, you
will not do anything to harm them. Using bright colors to accentuate the
whole design, this is definitely for the active supporter of Choose Love Not

Design Two


In the world of iconography and symbols, Peace, Love, Rock and Roll are the
most easily identified and that's what we hope to bring across in this
simple and clear cut design. Similarly using rainbow print process to
showcase the various transitions a couple might face in a relationship, the
symbols are a reminder that being in a relationship is as simple as that,
Peace, Love, Rock and Roll! A subtle yet stark reminder that violence is
never in the equation!

Design Three


Like the name suggests with the strikeout across abuse, this design is using
futuresque font types to drive the message loud and clear. By using bold and
bright colors, it is to proclaim the manifest of the anti violence campaign.
Using the tagline 'Choose Love not Abuse', the design is one that clearly
reflects that violence in a relationship, is really not a way to show your
love for your partner.

Here is the official video of the campaign!

[youtube gEJw2nQKG5s]