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Here are some updates that should have been out since April, but we were too busy to get to it...

But like they say, better late than never!
Some of the shots from Japan trip and finally a trip to the house of DevilRobots!

SQ638 was our flight on the spanking new A380!

Thanks to some special help, we got to sit on the upper deck!
Sakura season in full bloom and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, tells us how lucky we were to be able to see them.
Even the Japanese temple looks so nice!
Before you think that these are stores that are not open for operation yet, think again! This is the BACK ALLEY of the shops! Talk about neat!
Even their electric meter looks so cool. Kinda reminds us of a nixon watch right?
We have good lots!!
The Chanel building in Ginza is this huge, yes, building, yes huge! and yes, that is a full LED facade with incredible animation.
That is the motherlode of Chanel right there, all 8?9? storeys of it!

While we have the beautification of Orchard road, the streets of Japan already have these little beauty petals sitting on the sidewalk.
Known for their sardine can trains, this is a typical train crowd at 3pm. Yes, and its not even rush hour yet!
Outside the UNIQLO UT store.
No queue. Just cool.
This little guy is made by NEC, says hi, and other 'fuzzy logic' programmed replies and phrases.
A hit with the ladies, though we couldn't understand what he was talking about. :)

House of the DEVILROBOTS

Koto making a wish that the shelf behind him wont come to life while they are out.

Shin, with a Jacky Trexi.
The design area

Hows that for some tea time break?

Having some artsy moment at the yakitori place!
We had lotsa fun in Japan and learnt many things!