Flesh Imp + Transformers June 15 2009, 1 Comment

Flesh Imp + Transformers
A first ever collaboration with a urban clothing brand, the Flesh Imp + Transformers co-branding effort is a fusion between street and tech, with a cool fashion element.
With full design concept merged with the aesthetics of design, Transformers graphics and the unique Flesh Imp flavour, this is one limited edition collection that you would not want to miss.
Launching in full force in June 2009, the Flesh Imp + Transformers collection is a complete range of merchandise.
A collection which consists of 13 Tee Shirt Designs, 2 Polo Tees, 2 Trucker Caps, 2 Bags, 2 Hoodies and 2 Belts, this collaboration sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill generic licensed products.
This collection consists of street urban influences merged with industrial and power packed graphics that reflects the elements of fashion and Transformers. Using the trendiest apparel sought after by fashionistas, the combination brings a new level of cool to lovers of fashion, pop culture and of course Transformers fans. Go check it! Watch the trailer !

Our people are what make Flesh Imp a great clothing company. Flesh Imp employees are smart, creative and passionate individuals working from concept, design, production and marketing, to bring the true Flesh Imp lifestyle to you through our totally refreshing retail shopping experience.
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