Lenka - Flesh Imp Featured Artiste of the month! June 30 2009, 0 Comments

Who is this sexy lady?

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but recently there have been a pretty catchy song hitting the airwaves and its none other than 'The Show' by Lenka!
Here are some fun facts about this pretty lass.
- Lenka is an Australian born television actress, turned singer-songwriter who is now based in L.A.
- Her first single 'The Show', is extremely catchy, and was featured in numerous US hit tv shows such as Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. It is also a radio hit here in Singapore
- Lenka describes herself as a mix between girly/cutesy, 50's pin up and contemporary arty.
For Lenka's music and videos, check out
Oh, and in case you didn't recieve our emailer on how to dress like Lenka, here goes
Catch you at 'The Show' and have fun dressing up like Lenka!