Are you a Burger King Fan yet? July 16 2009, 0 Comments

Have you guys heard?
Burger King is opening their first flagship restaurant in Singapore.
Located at B3 of ION Orchard, this is gonna be the best looking fast food joint in Singapore!

Throw in the lush loungey seats, plush setting, ipod friendly sound bars, punk-meets-industrial decor, great service and even greater food, and all you will get is this whole new experience of quick service dining.

Trust us, having your favourite Whopper or Mushroom Swiss at this joint is truly...exhilarating!
Also, in conjunction with the opening of the outlet, Burger King's part art gallery, part think-tank with a dash of mad scientist's experiments thrown in for good measure is also brought into Singapore for the very first time!

The BK Studio Singapore Edition is a platform for established and up and coming artistes, creative heads, culture enthusiasts to get their works exposed.

This lifestyle extension is in the form of BK Studio where art, design and creation is allowed to free flow uninhibited, in almost any genre you can think of.

Sneakers, skateboards, tee shirts, music, art, graffiti, photography. You name it.

And on the first hall of fame list are 5 very entities, befitting of the in augural BK Studio Singapore edition.
Impacting the local lifestyle and pop culture scene in Singapore, they contribute by doing what they do best.

Check out their tee shirt designs which represents their soul as well as their interpretation of the BK Studio.

And here they are..
Singapore's favorite indie band, totally loving their National Day song

987 DJ Rozz
The sexy, smart and pretty half of the Shan and Rozz show (we call her the Lady Gaga of Singapore)

DJ Paul T
Music producer, deck maestro, sneaker customizer

The Killer Gerbil
Who doesn't know this morbid little guy who plasters himself on boring walls?


and of course Flesh Imp,
who recently brought you the Transformers collection is quick on the draw for another note-worthy collaboration.

And yes, did we mention that the BK Studio kiosk is located at B3 of the Ion and you too, can try your hand at customizing your own Tee Shirt using the impressive BK Studio software that allows you to stretch the graphics, change the colors, mix and match within the templates.

And here's the best part.

You get that very Tee within 20mins!

Go check it out from the 29th July* and see for yourself!

Join as fans now!

*ACTUAL LAUNCH DATE IS ON 28TH JULY BUT IS OPEN TO MEDIA ONLY, open to public from 29th July onwards.