BK Studio Video and photo shoot July 28 2009, 0 Comments

It's almost August and we haven't got time to update.
So sorry guys, but it's worth the wait!
Some time back we mentioned about our collaboration with Burger King and we did a photo and video shoot on the 11th July with the rest of the guys!~
So what happens when you put Flesh Imp, Electrico, The Killer Gerbil, DJ Paul T and 987 DJ Rozz in one new office?

Electrico in their serious moment of thoughts.
These guys are fun! Check out their moment of glory as this year's NDP band!!

The Killer Gerbil shares some insights on his wall art.
Props to our hero who just did a collab with LV X Female

Jansen from Word of Mouth Media doing his stuff.
If you need a PR agency, this is the only one you will ever need!

Deck Maestro DJ Paul T is one lucky dude, just couple of days before the shoot, he opened for Lady Gaga at the SingTel AMPed event!

Of course, what's a collaboration with Burger King without the burgers!
Mushroom Swiss (gone before it was set on the table)
Whopper junior (2 makes a WHOPPER)
Onion rings ( by the dozen)
Green Tea, Bubble Tea, not included.

Of course the best for the last, the rose among the thorns, Rozz shows us her mettle for design

Simon was there to share some of his lighter moments when it's a good wrap!
Oh, you were looking out for the designs?
It will all be unveiled on the 28th July..