Attack of the OUTER WEAR September 04 2009, 0 Comments

It's been awhile since we last updated but it's all worth it.

We know the weather's pretty cranky lately..

One moment you heading out for a well deserved tan, the next, it starts to pour cats and dogs.
Well, it seems like we happen to have the right hoodie for you this season!
Our 'Thinner' hoodie is..ermm... thinner and great for shielding the sun as well as the rain!
Denim Rookie Black
Denim Rookie Blue
Ladies have it good with some fantastic jackets as we spoil you with irresistible choices.
Denim Riders Black
Denim Riders Blue
With styles and cut to make any edgy fashionista proud, these biker inspired denim lovelies turn heads faster than you can say " I want these!"
Blaze Black
Blaze Blue
Too edgy to meet his parents?
Then slip on our version of 'your boyfriend's jacket' and look preppy and smart and dress to impress!
Member Black
Those of you who have seen our best seller will need no introduction to our faux leather jacket.
Get that pouty Angelina Jolie look once you put this one on!