Flesh Imp X Burger King Collection October 01 2009, 0 Comments

It's here.

The Flesh Imp X Burger King collection drops this weekend.

Here are some sneaks of the LookBook which the shoot took place earlier this month.
This season, we show you how we create masterpieces in the kitchen of a burger King restaurant.

We go through the process of slapping em thick and heavy, hot and steamy, for a well crafted wardrobe of the freshest cuts and style.

We spare no expenses in giving you the best of bespoke street wear and even show you how we do it.

Of course, at the end of the day, however we do it, we still love you to 'have it your way!'
Watch our for the full edition of the LookBook launching this weekend.
With every season release, we also give you a special deal of 2nd item 20% off discount and just to make the deal even sweeter, we are giving away this really cool not-for-sale Flesh Imp X Burger King Mug with every 2 pieces of limited edition items purchased.
We can't hardly wait!