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Are you on LookBook yet?

Back when first started to showcase aspiring fashionistas on their site, we knew that they are going to be a big hit with the hip and trendy.

and look who we found!
Don't you just love how she takes her photo?
Go check her out here if you dig her style.
Tell her we sent you :)

Tessa E, who lists herself as a 'baby chinchilla' though we think she is more a 'cool cat' in our FLMP 'CARNIVAL' Baby Tee. (it's full of cameras, darling, but we named it 'Carnival' :))
Give her the HYPE she deserves.

Here we have EMO KID from Gold Coast giving us some OZ flava.
You know the drill, give him some heart right here if you think he looks good in our checked shirts.

Last but not least we have Shawn L who did this nifty photoshoot in our seasonal special jacket that was sold out within 2 weeks!
I am sure you would like to know what his style fixes are, so catch him here!
Special thanks to for putting up such a wonderful fashion visual feast of a site.

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