Flesh Imp Heart Brunei October 20 2009, 0 Comments

Last weekend we saw the launch of our Flesh Imp X Burger King limited edition merchandise @ The Mall in Brunei.
Our conclusion ?
Get a branch over already, Burger King! It's about time!

Serving up the best in street fashion @ The Mall with Flesh Imp X Burger King Limited Edition.

Our location at The Mall @ Gadong, Brunei's most popular shopping centre where it all happens.

Let's take a look at the inside!
A new perspective of how we look at our hangers.

Shin and Koto of the DevilRobots would be so proud.

The same look and feel recreated for the launch at the window display.

and also the visual displays within the store.

The frenzy begins....

We are glad that the store is pretty packed throughout the week and especially over the weekends, and that the cool cats in Brunei are stoked that Flesh Imp is closer to home.

Special thanks to the crew in Brunei!