Haze October 20 2009, 0 Comments

Recently we got an email from our good friend Eric Haze, (more like our shifu) and it felt great to hear from him again after all this while.

It was back in 04 (yes, it's been that long) when we first met Haze as he talked about his achievements in KL for the Salem Innovation Sessions.
That's where we first hung out together with Andy Howell and Sam Flores.

We shared many ideas when Haze was here in Singapore and he imparted many of his knowledge to us as we were just in the beginning stages of Flesh Imp.

Though his stay was short, it was insightful, and it's about time you come back soon! haha.
Check out his updated site www.interhaze.com
It's a treasure cove of his achievements, now complete with nitro.
and his blog right here.