November Photo Shoot October 30 2009, 0 Comments

Here are the much anticipated shots for the November shoot.
While they aren't the actual shoot, I guess they are still fun to look at.
It has been close to 3 years since we last changed the template of our site and blog, so we thought it's about time for a change and it seems like we have been blogging more. keep in line with the revamped site, blog and webstore, we have decided to do 'mini' shoots to give you the look and feel of what our products look like when worn. (we are pretty tired of flat, 2D images too :)

For this shoot, we got Kenny, who is a veteran in the hair and make up scene, having done numerous shows that include Star Awards and MCS Charity shows.

Here he is, dolling up Si Jie, who is a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines. Oh, yes, she is one of the Female Magazine's 50 gorgeous people 2009 too. Vote for her!! I know I would!

This is Cynthia, and boy, can she POSE!!!

Click, pose click, get the idea.
We had to keep up with her instead! And she said 'she never done this before'.

And here we have our long time friend Zach, who also did our Casino Royale fashion show way back in 2005!!! He is also one of Female's 50 Gorgeous People. You know the drill, Vote for him if you dig his vibe!

Last but not least, we have KS, who is not only a looker, but also a good 'poser' too. (not poseur) He also happens to look like our good friend Benny from Zouk. (if you are a Zouk regular, you will know who I am talking about)

After 3 hours of laughter, poses, changes, NGs, waiting (it's a shoot, right....?) and interviews, it's a wrap.
Yes, you heard right. Interviews with our gorgeous talents (and stylists too) and what they do besides from looking pretty and stylish.
So watch out for it.
It's gonna be very interesting.
And oh, if you think you wanna be part of our future shoots, hit us up at