Electrico at ONE MOVEMENT PERTH November 03 2009, 0 Comments

Our good friends Electrico played to a strong OZ crowd last month when they rocked down under!

Rocking proud, they were invited by the organisers to showcase at the festival!

Way to go, guys!

I know Dave have many different ways to unwind before and after the show, but this one is new to me. Really.

And here we have Desmond showing the aftermath of the unwinding session.

Event guide filled with international acts

The night session starts and the crowd goes wild!

I love it when Desmond goes on stage.

He takes on a totally different persona when he is up there, almost trance-like, yet mystifying.
When you see someone as passionate as he is, you can't help but be impressed with this dude!
(keep your hair longer!!)
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