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When Davy Chan, our old pal from LMF told me about this much awaited reunion concert, we literally jumped for joy.
It was way back in 2005 where they held their Finalazy concert at Zouk where we had MC Yan to do his incredibly intricate 'Hong Kong' graff. (which reads Hong Kong in English vertically and Cantonese horizontally)

This time round, we did a 3 design special for their special ONE DAY ONLY concert with one design done by Prodip Leung

Launching 4th Dec, in a joint celebration of our 9th Anniversary and their 10th Anniversary reunion, the Tees are produced in exclusive limited run of 30 pieces each.

The guys will also be visiting our Flesh Imp Heeren Store on Saturday 5th December at 630pm.
Hopefully MC Yan gets inspired and leave his mark in our store again!

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