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Flesh Imp Premium Denim

Ok, this update is way overdue.

I didn't realise that it wasn't up until Zero told me about it.

If you haven't already heard, this season's Premium Denim is one of the HAWTEST ever built.

So hot, I don't even know where to start. :/

We are talking about the same slim skinny fit that is well loved by every one of you since we first introduced our premium denim way back in 2006. We have added subtle fade lines for those who love the attention without the gaudy-scream-and-look-at-me details. Which is what Zero is all about.

And then you have those that are vintage freaks that can't wait for those distressed fades and tears to form (yes, it takes at least 1 year of intense rubbing!) Add a little nu-skool stress line process which are all done by hand, and you will have Ville, a scarred pair of black beauties that will make heads turn a little more than they should.

We also made sure you Grey jeans lovers are part of the action when we dedicated this special yarn dyed shade just for you. We took what you wanted and made it better. Less boring on the color, and more spice on the fades. If there is only a pair of Greys that you absolutely must have, Joel is THE one.

Needless to say, what is a premium denim series without our all-time hero in the blackest black with the sleekest fit?

Glitz takes on a revolution with our special waxed glazed finishing to complete that Black Rebel look that we first told you about.

Did I mentioned that these mofos were Made in Japan? That they were also Hand-Processed, Hand Dyed using the best Japanese 20 Oz Ring Spun Denim?

Ok, so now you know.


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