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Nothing like the name - DJ MINI

Meet our favourite DJ from Canada.
Going by the moniker DJ Mini, this feisty DJ is nothing but that.

Arguably one of Montreal’s hottest up-and-coming DJs, DJ Mini has been blowing up dancefloors in bars, clubs and raves for the last three years with her pumping proto-techno-electro sound.

As with most DJs, Mini’s love affair with electronic music began at those very same raves and clubs years before. Her first real break as a DJ, though, came four years ago when she started tending bar at the St-Laurent watering hole known as Blue Dog.

“The owner wanted me to start DJing,” Mini recalls. “She gave me the keys and said come in whenever we’re not open and practice as much as I want. So I started going twice a day every day for seven hours.

Late 2009, when she came to Singapore for a rare visit and tour, DJ Mini fell in love with Flesh Imp and the clothes we had.

In appreciation, this is what she did for us.

A photo shoot with her favourite pieces.

Some pretty cool definition by DJ Mini.
Say hi next time if you are in Canada!

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