Flesh Imp x Gibson Music Journey Winners! August 20 2010, 0 Comments

Part of the All-Black Collection, the Music Journey FLMPLTD series is printed using nano hand-screened technology to achieve the white photo print on Black Tee Shirts.

Usually only possible on White Tee Shirts, photoprints usually have constraints on Black Tees due to the nature of the print and resolution of the photo, making them less sharp and less clear.

However, with the constant research and technology that we have put in, we have made some breakthrough in achieving what you call the 'retina-display' of silk screens. Using nano-woven silk screening process, we have densely packed screens which allow higher ink permeabilty onto the fabric, thus creating the seemingly-impossible high resolution photo print on a Black Tee Shirt!

Ok, enough of tech speak! Let's see them treasures!

Here are the Flesh Imp x Gibson Music Journey FLMPLTD Tee Shirts!

Let's start with the infamous FLMPLTD box, now in ALL-BLACK as well, with spot UV print.

The exclusive FLMPLTD sleeve tag to put you a cut above the rest.

First prize
The Mood
Rueven Tan

Second Prize
Reach Out Touch Faith
Jonathan Fong

Third Prize
In the Zone
Ahmad Dinie Farid

For this series, we have also revived the Flesh Imp Signature Gel-Based print for the back.
Subtle yet contrasting in a understated way, this is Flesh Imp x Gibson's Music Journey.

Congratulations to all our winners for the Flesh Imp x Gibson Music Journey Competition!
It was a tough job, but the judges had a hard time picking out the Top 3!

So here we are, the full top 10 in full glory at our Wisma, Heeren and Bugis Junction Stores!
Launched together with the Top 3 winning entries, we have also included RESURRECTION ' Music Journey' in our patented hand screened photo print 'All Black' series.

Of course, this comes under our ultra exclusive FLMPLTD label which only 30 pieces is produced per design.

So check them out when you are at the stores and get into The Mood, like how our first prize winner Rueven Tan has captured with his winning work!

First Prize
The Mood - Rueven Tan

Second Prize
Reach Out Touch Faith - Jonathan Fong

Third Prize
In the Zone - Ahmad Dinie Farid

And here are the rest of the 7 finalists!

Tony Lovato - Sher Iqbal

The Great Spy - Chan Jia Wei

Strum - Bum Ariffin

Mae - Ryan Chang

Kaki - Goh Su Pin

Classic Setup for Rocker - Donald Soh

Till the next update!
(you guys will be really stoked,l trust me!)