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Flesh Imp FW 2010 LookBook BTS

It was a perfect Sunday as we headed to the West side of the island for a fantastic shoot with Rohan, from Looque Models.

The small crew consisting of our photographer Finn, makeup and hair specialist Danielle, merchandiser / stylist Von as well as Vincent and myself walked down the beaten path near the railway tracks to get some rare shots of the seldom-seen part of the island.

Doing up Rohan is easy peasy. Being good looking has its privileges!

This season, we have got a little something extra special for you.
Celebrating our 10 years, we are increasing the product range and doing a little update on our looks.

From urban street wear to Contemporary Street Wear, it is going to be a refreshing change for sure!
Check out Rohan's interpretation of our current collection and you will know what we mean

Turning on the accents of tranquility, the Flesh Imp FW 2010 LookBook is drawing on the substance of simplicity that created a perfect fusion of style and design. More on that when the LookBook is done.

For this shoot, we are experimenting with the Nokia N8 because we heard about its kickass 12 megapixel camera with HD function on both photo and video! (you could say we are tired of hauling a big ass DSLR on shoots!)
Like our veteran photog says, ' Wow, if this Nokia works, I will be using this from now on!
Well, it looks like that might just happen! (when it finally launches end of the month!)

And yes, as usual, the video edit will be out, hopefully within a week.
The shoot was done pretty quickly and we were on our way in under 3 hours!
Flesh Imp FW 2010 LookBook coming soon

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