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happy 2011!

It's has been a crazy 2010 for us and so many things have happened that makes us look forward to 2011!
Here's a look at some of the memorable moments for us!

We started off the year with Phat Chan from LMF and most currently 24Herbs

He was in town for his tattoo journal and of course popped by for some uppity ups!

The following month we had Fixie Pixie aka Calvin C coming for the Flesh Imp X Fixie Pixie shoot! In collaboration with the renowned fixed gear rider based in Hong Kong, Flesh Imp came up with a capsule consisting of a Tee Shirt, Bag and Water Bottle.
How's that for some fixed gear lovin'?

Of course the next thing that got all of us super excited was the Flesh Imp App, where we were the first local street brand to come up with a style guide of sorts for the iPhone fashionistas. Have you downloaded yours yet? It's free!

RedBull have been supporting us like forever and it is long overdue that we did something with them. Which this ultra limited and one-of-a-kind collab tee was produced!

To keep the pace going for our 10th Anniversary, we stepped up the tempo and got the Flesh Imp X Gibson design competition on a roll where we had hundreds of entries hitting (and jamming) our servers. Here are the winners with their say!

Of course,, almost a yearly affair, yours truly was invited to speak at the youth forum on 'Collaborative Marketing'. Turnout was pretty good and consisted of marketing directors, execs, creative directors and the sorts..

Not forgetting our friend from Canada, DJ Mini, where she rocks the scene and also our clothes.

In November we launched Flesh Imp's new updated look for the new decade.
With Rohan fronting the campaign, we took a bold step in using a Nokia N8 for the shoot, which, well, turned out very good indeed!

And of course, the highly anticipated collaboration with Casio G Shock tops the year of 2010 where it all culminated at a huge event where everyone had a blast looking back at the past 10 years in Flesh Imp history!

And last but not least, have an ass kickin' 2011!
Everyone from Flesh Imp!

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