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Tee Time!

After the launch of our 'Soft-Feel' Tee in November, we have seen a dramatic fly-off-the-shelves action, literally.
Of course with the quirky designs, on top with the lighter, yet fresher fabric feel, I can't blame myself for having the urge to grab 'em all too!

Here are some of what we have for this collection
For full December collection, you might like to check out our webstore.

We go Stripey this season.

Water based printed stripes on Flesh Imp Soft-Feel Tee

Fadded $29

In Grey
For more Stripe craze click here

Our new detailing. Subtle yet classy.

Staff picks for the latest drop of Soft-Feel Tee.

Reduced price of $29 for our Tees.
Better Quality, Lower price. Still limited run of 30 pieces per design.

OG Vel

Did you know?
With proper care for your Soft Feel Tee, you can maintain the quality and cut, just like when you first bought it!
Here's how.

For Velvet and Embossed or any Textured print,
Always wash in cold water.
To protect the print
- Turn the T-Shirt inside out before putting into the machine for wash.
- Let the T-Shirt dry naturally, DO NOT put it into the dryer, as it may shrink the Tee Shirt.
- Hand wash preferred.

For Water based or photo print
Always wash in cold water.

- Dry in low heat
- Machine washable

There you have it!
Have a great Tee time!

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