New Year 2011 Style Guide February 14 2011, 0 Comments

In the Year 2011 we're glad to share with you guys some guides & tips for this Spring/Summer Season.

Denim on Denim
Heard that denim on denim is a big faux pas? Not in 2011! Denim on denim runway looks for summer had everyone talking!

For a while, denim on denim has been considered acceptable as long as the shades varied, to give the look of different materials.
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But in 2011, denim on denim of the same color (usually a lighter denim) in one outfit is hot! Trust me, you'll stand out of the crowd instantly!

Denim, when matched with the correct top / bottom combo, what you will get is a hot set up that will make heads turn. Try getting experimental with denim shirts and khaki bottoms, and vice versa. You will be surprised why you hadn't hit on this get-up much earlier

If you are daring enough, you might even want to try a lighter shade of denim with that pair of dark blue skinnies.

Denim Shorts
Shorts were of immediate interest during hot summer days of 2010. They are comfortable and practical. Spring / summer 2011 season presented the return of ultrashort denim shorts.
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First populated by fixie heads who cut off their denim instead of succumbing to wearing actual cycling tights, the 'hipster' look have long spilt into the mainstream style junkies. Pair it up with some skinny tees and those much-loved Vans off-the-walls, it's really hard not to look 'hip'.

Color Pink only for girls no more.
The idea that any self-respecting man shouldn’t wear pink under any circumstances, is just as outdated as bell-bottoms and disco.
While you may be wary of trying on the decidedly “feminine” color, pink doesn’t have to be a scary experience.

We’re not expecting you to go out and buy every piece of pink clothing there is, and we understand that incorporating pink into your wardrobe will take time. Though me thinks it won't be too hard, given the amount of pinks out there.

When you see this outfit, you will find your fears and apprehension gone right away about this cotton candy and bubble gum shade.

Put on a classic pink shirt with some really straight cut skinny berms, (remember to tuck it in for that classic ivy-league look) for added dramatic effect, back it up with our latest back pack and get the awesome going.

Skinny Denim
Not ready to borrow your kid sister’s jeans? Then say hello to our  Skinny Straight. Not quite straight leg, not quite skinny, these are the pair for the guy who likes both styles and can’t decide, or who just wants to be on trend without having to go full “skinny” complete with unsolicited wedgies :P

I am not sure if this is still in stock since its the Chinese New Year's but this shade of blue + Skinny Straight cutting, I am sure they be gone by now.

Cuffed and Rolled

Show me some ankle! One of this years biggest new trends was upturned cuffs. Why do I love the cuff trend so much?

The days of not being able to show off your favorite shoes are long gone! By cuffing or rolling your denim, you’re able to show off your great new footwear.

Be it that pair of Dr Martens, or that spanking new Sperrys, we say the cuff and roll'em trend is gonna stay.

Besides, it really keeps the shoes free from denim stains aint it?

Relaxed Slim
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For some of us slim is too skinny and straight has become too baggy.
While this was not an obvious trend, more and more men are being introduced to this awesome fit, and this trend will grow more in 2011.

Ripped Denim
Ripped denim and distressed artistically ripped denim jeans are all the fashion.
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Stay Tuned!

Credits:The Everyguyed 2010 Wrap Up.