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March 11 might be another random day in your life. It could be your birthday, it could also be someone's wedding anniversary.
It might even be your first date with that dude / babe you have been wanting to go out with.

This day, however, will make it's mark in world history where the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami combination hit Japan on this very fateful Friday.

Thousands of lives were lost within seconds the disaster struck, and those that were left standing, had to deal with the loss of their loved ones, as well as their homes and everything they hold dear to their hearts.

Photos and videos of the aftermath hit FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, as well as various news agencies within hours of the calamity and I believe that many of us looked in disbelief at the surreality and magnitude of the damage unleashed mercilessly on the coastlines of Sendai.

Life is fragile and transient, and Mother Nature proved her point in a twisted, tragic way.

Our first thoughts was to contact our good pals Shin and Koto of the DevilRobots to check if they are fine.
Our concern is pure, direct, and sincere.
I guess when you are faced with disasters of such magnitudes, boundaries and race, nationalities as well as language disappear immediately. The unity of all humankind, no matter how diverse, stand strong in times of crisis.

I guess that's what makes us human.

I am sure you guys must have seen the video of the dog that wouldn't leave its ailing friend. It was too painful to watch.

While it is sad to say, the true spirit of survival shows through in times like these, I daresay the Japanese have pulled through with flying colors.

50 brave men and women risking their lives to avert a nuclear disaster, Japan Apple store employees go beyond their jobscope to provide
wifi for all, and so much more stories of bravery and the sheer determination of survival.

Donations are making their way to rebuild Japan in many forms and at Flesh Imp, our medium has always been the Tee Shirt.
Relieved to know that the DevilRobots are safe, albeit slightly shaken, we decide to come together as one, regardless of race, nationality and language to come up with our SUPPORT JAPAN Tee Shirt to do our part for this dynamic, sophisticated, high-tech and fashionable country.

The Tee Shirt will be priced at $25 each and part of the proceeds will be donated to the MERCY RELIEF of Singapore which will in turn be donated to save Japan.

We are still in the process of production and size availability as well as other details will be updated as and when we get them.
We have already gotten numerous orders from many well wishers through our FaceBook fan page and it is in times like this, your heart warms up and truly feel the love in the air.
Rest assured we will work on it to get the Tee Shirts ready by next week and update everyone through our blog, webstore and Face Book page.
Right now, sizes should run from XS through XL, with XS suitable for Ladies and S through XL for Mens.
Actual size dimensions will be provided once the Tee Shirt becomes available.

We did not expect international orders for this fund raiser, however we have also gotten some international orders so we will be working on getting the ACTUAL LOWEST POSSIBLE shipping rates for the items to be shipped over to all of you.

Shin from Devil Robots dedicated this design for this project and we can see from the Tee Shirt, the optimism, and cheery outlook that they possess, even in times like these.

Back in 2006 when we raised $17,000.00 for the Phuket Tsunami survivors, we had a fund raising activity, this time we did not manage to get a space, but we hope to achieve the same, if not more for Japan.

Japan, Stay Strong! The world is behind you!

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