Flesh Imp X Devil Robots for Japan Fund Raising March 21 2011, 0 Comments

Thank you for the overwhelming support.
It is indeed heart warming to see everyone coming together in times of crisis.

The Flesh Imp X Devil Robots Tee Shirt will be ready by this Friday 25th March 2011 at our Flesh Imp Stores located at Wisma Atria, The Heeren Shops and Bugis Junction.

As we wanted to include ladies sizes for this Tee Shirt, a slight delay was caused. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Here is the size availability and Size Breakdown for the Tee Shirts

Ladies Baby Tee is available in Size Small, Medium and Large

Mens Tee is available in Size Extra Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Thanks to our of our readers, we realised we forgot to put the dimensions on the blog.

Here you go!

Flesh Imp X Devil Robots Support Japan Tee Shirts
Available in both Women and Mens sizes.
Women's Baby Tee Size Small ( 37cm), Medium (40cm), Large (43cm)
Men's Tee Size Extra Small ( 40cm), Small ( 44cm), Medium (48cm), Large (52cm), Extra Large (56cm)

80% of the proceeds of the sale of the Tee Shirts will be donated to Mercy Relief Singapore.

We have also recieved numerous international enquires and we are happy to announce that we are able to do a flat rate SGD$ 10.00 postage to anywhere in the world.
They might take longer depending on location, but we would like to make this easier for everyone. Express Shipping is available, and please let us know if you would like to go for that option!

For overseas orders, please send in your details to sales@fleshimp.com.

Name :
Address :
Baby Tee / Mens Tee :
Size of Tee :
Color of Tee :
Shipping : SGD$ 10 / Express ( amount will be quoted after confirmation with SingPost)

We only accept Paypal for international orders. Once order is confirmed we will send an invoice requesting for payment.

For the convenience of donors, we have also placed donation boxes at our Flesh Imp Heeren and Bugis Junction Stores.
All proceeds from the donation box will be given to Mercy Relief Singapore.

Appreciate the love,
Flesh Imp