Hello! My name is Nicholas May 20 2011, 0 Comments

It's kinda weird having to do my first posting and while I have been doing so for the Flesh Imp blog for the last 2? 3? years, this seems to be like an expose of sorts :P

I guess most people know that I am the other half of the Flesh Imp Boys ( which we are affectionately called) while long time customers and fans of Flesh Imp know me as Nic or Nicholas, back in 03 where I manned the stores and hung out with the rest of the guys. Those were good times. :)

I shall skip the formal introduction part, as I think the best way to know someone is to be with that person, and in this case, through this blog, to find out what I do, who I am, and what goes on in my life as a Strategic Director in Flesh Imp.

Of course, you might find snippets of my personal life in this blog as well.

Till the next post,