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Flesh Imp Mega Flagship Store @ SCAPE NOW OPEN!

Some say the best things in life are worth the wait.
While we try not to sound too conceited, we can't help but contain the excitement that the new store brings.
This is the best Flesh Imp store, yet!
We hope you like it.

For this store, we decided to go for a massive 1300 square feet of goodness wrapped into a glass box framed with lotsa wood. And when we say LOTSA, we really mean it.

Just like how we stay eco-friendly in the office, (we recycle papers, cut down on carbon footprints, produce less waste etc) we felt that we should do the same for our latest store.
After all, we are coming 11 years in the making and it's high time we did something a lil different!

Drawing on the inspiration of a automotive workshop meets warehouse meets western bar, we decided to give it a modern twist.

Not only did we go hands-on for most of the display stands and shelves, (yes, me and Vincent went ballastic the old school way and got some pretty sore wrists and backs!) we made sure that the materials that we used for building the store would have to be recyclable and do not generate high carbon footprints. We even scoured high and low for vintage TVs, typewriters and some really interesting military stuff from the 50s/60s, just to recreate that special look and feel.

Oh did we also mention that with the new store, we are looking at a wider range of products that include footwear! and yes! finally! KIDS range!! (we aren't showing it to you yet.. the stocks will drop mid June!)

Alright, to be honest we are really loving this new store, and we hope you will too.

So go on, drop by
Flesh Imp Flagship Mega Store
2, Orchard Link,
Singapore 237978

And while you are at it, enjoy our Great Singapore Sale promotion!

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