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Carpe Diem

Life is all about chasing your dreams.
Some people choose to live with no regrets, and some others decide to dwell on lost chances and opportunities they've missed.
The bottom-line is that there is no "Right" or "Wrong" way of looking at something.
It's like they always say, a glass of water can be HALF-EMPTY or HALF-FULL.

However you choose to phrase it, the water in that glass isn't going to change.
And since we all have a choice, I'd say go after your dreams.
Don't even follow your dreams, lead them. For every dream there's going to be 101 people that'll try and shoot it down because they themselves have tried but have failed. I don't think you should EVER let another person's failure determine your chances of success.

Whatever the situation is, I strongly believe that as long as you have hope, you're going to make it.
Carpe Diem!

- shigga

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