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NTU Music Express Final Done!!

Writing this from Guang Zhou Airport...Been so damn bloody busy last few weeks!

Well, past few weeks I've worked on some music arrangements with JJ Lin, producing, recording and arranging for miscellaneous artistes, some whom I don't even know their names hahah...

In between that also caught up in teaching and meetings, and also prepping up with working again with Guinness on something fun! Which I'll disclose later...

so ended staying up till 445am this morning working on Jiahui's stuff b4 waking up at 545am to catch the plane to chill here, before transiting to 宁波.

And IN between the between that, I also went to judge the finals together with Xiaohan and Jim for the NTU Music Express!

Ah yes...the NTU Music Express, a regional songwriting competition that FM has been actively involved in since the start of this year.

Was sharing during the finals that day that in 1997, I took part in a songwriting competition. And quite a few of us ended up lasting in the industry for quite a while, front stage and backstage. Among the finalists were JJ, me, 陈文华 and others.

I won the best arrangement award for that competition and it was a surprise as the arrangement for the song I wrote with my good friend Sandra, was just one guitar while the rest of the arrangements were with full band, orchestration and stuff.

That was also the 1st time I met my 大哥 Jonathan Lee, who was one of the judges and I remembered him remarking 'How did U do all that with one guitar?' hahaha...

10 years after the competition I went to Taiwan and caught up with the organiser and she told me 'aaahhhh, we should have kept contact and signed the whole bunch of U la!!! Look what U've all become!!!'

Yeah well, so here's to those NTU Music Express finalists, keep going at it! Write more good stuff!

and aheemm...Funkie Monkies Publishing is RIGHT HERE! =D

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