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KL Performance

Jet Flow


DJ NashD

The crowd at immigration was insaaaaane! I had to reach the venue at 7pm for soundcheck but reached at 9pm in the end. Which was when the doors opened, smh.

The rush was all worth it though, it was a good show. It was my first time in KL too.

Screen shot 2011-09-18 at PM 07.22.28Screen shot 2011-09-18 at PM 07.22.53

and on the next day, I linked up with one of my favorite Malaysian rappers out right now, Sona One.

Played some of the songs off my  upcoming album for him too. And by the way, my upcoming album is titled "They Call Me ShiGGa".
Can't wait for you guys to hear it!!!


the 1st single off the album is called "Let's Roll". The instrumental was made by local beatmaker, "The Architek" and the song was produced by me.
It's coming soon..

- shigga

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