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The Art of Rolling It Up

The latest style in town seems to be rolling it up, at least, the cuffs of your pants that is.
Drawing in the Huckleberry Finn influences, the rolled up pants cuff trend is taking our island by storm.
And it seems, even with the Orchard Road floods subsiding, this nip, tuck and roll-up look is not fading any time soon.

This update we show you the look and how to achieve it without looking like you are evading actual floods :P

Here's how

Go daring on the colors

This season, colored pants get creative with a wide array of reds, mustards, blues and greys. For this look, we picked out a nice burnt orange pants, Groom just so you see that it does look good .

Checked shirts remain in the limelight, and to accentuate the burnt orange, this red/blue combo tailored checked shirt, Bloom makes the cut for this get up.

Throw in a rucksack, Zill and slip on some nice shoes Hue

To create that roll up look, select trousers and slacks that are slightly tapered towards the leg, and if you can, go for lengths that are just about right.  Tapered legs are easier to roll / fold up and with a good length,  they look neater when turned up, creating that casual, yet preppy look which can be seen right here!

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